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Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata

Argentina, 2012, 82 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Coming of Age, Dark Comedy
Programs: Focus on Nation Cinema: Argentina, New Directors Showcase
Language: Spanish English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Sebastián Dietsch, Ionathan Klajman
Producer: Rosalía Ortíz de Zárte
Editor: Guillermo Gatti
Screenwriter: Ionathan Klajman
Cinematographer: Matías Nicolás
Principal Cast: Pablo G. Pérez, Gabriel Zayat, Lorena Damonte, Pablo Caramelo, Daniela Nirenberg, Cecilia Echague

Writer-director Ionathan Klajman and director Sebastián Dietsch make their directorial debuts with this offbeat Argentine comedy. Joaquin is down-and-out when his father gives him a weekend beach getaway to Mar del Plata. He invites David, a childhood friend and rival, whose marriage is on the rocks. David’s impulsive and childish antics ignite a competitive streak in Joaquin, and the two are constantly at odds. While the pair attempt to relax and enjoy their escape from everyday life, they run into Elena, Joaquin’s ex-girlfriend, who left him and broke his heart. Now she’s married to Lautaro, a pompous and outrageously successful novelist.

Life in their mid-30s isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be for the characters of Mar del Plata: Joaquin is average and likable, but fails at love. David is immature and brash but could have been brilliant. Elena thought she was marrying up but isn’t happy, and Lautaro is a fraud despite his success.

At the moment when they need a break from life to reflect and put things in perspective, they realize it’s impossible to truly get away from oneself. Each is at a turning point but stuck in a rut, and each reacts to the situation in a different way. Faced with life’s challenges and who they’ve become, the characters of Mar del Plata realize that their lives need to take drastically different paths, and that a weekend away can change everything.


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MAR DEL PLATA from Eugenio Walter Valinsky on Vimeo.

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