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Argentina, 2012, 87 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Romance
Programs: Focus on Nation Cinema: Argentina, New Directors Showcase
Language: Spanish English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
Producer: Diego Dubcovsky, Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
Editor: Luis Barros, Pablo Levy
Screenwriter: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy, Marcelo Panozzo
Cinematographer: Pablo Añeli, Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
Principal Cast: Alan Sabbagh, Paula Grinszpan, Pablo Levy, Campi

Brothers Pablo and Diego Levy direct this distinctly Argentine comedy. A bungled attempt at credit-card fraud leads Mariano to dump his beloved vintage auto; eventually, a vagrant makes the car his home.

Masterplan is the second feature from the Levy brothers, whose debut, Novias Madrinas 15 Años, was a hit in Argentina. Here, groom-to-be Mariano (a brilliantly deadpan Alan Sabbaugh) is persuaded by his future brother-in-law (co-director Pablo Levy) to take part in a credit-card-fraud scheme. When the crime is bungled, Mariano is forced to abandon his Siam Di Tella (one of the few cars made in Argentina in the 1960s), but is heartsick about it. As the circle of lies widens, he grows increasingly anxious about being caught. Meanwhile, Andrés, a down-on-his-luck vagrant, takes up residence in the car. (Andrés is played by Andrés Calabria, whom fans will recognize from the directors’ previous work.)

With his wedding fast approaching, Mariano begins to wonder whether the life of a married man is really the life he wants, and finds himself visiting his car and its new inhabitant. Soon, the two men become friends, and this odd couple shows us what the film is really about: a compassion for humanity and what it means to be a bien Porteño.


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