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  • Friday, November 15, 9:15 PM
    Sie FilmCenter DFF


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  • Saturday, November 16, 4:00 PM
    UA Pavilions


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USA, 2013, 91 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: American Indie, Comedy, Dark Comedy
Program: New Directors Showcase
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Eddie Mullins
Producer: Melissa Mugavero, Eddie Mullins
Editor: Chad Smith
Screenwriter: Eddie Mullins
Cinematographer: Cal Robertson
Principal Cast: Justin Rice, Leo Fitzpatrick, Brian Charles Johnson, Laura Campbell

Get ready for the "pre-apocalypse" with Reel Social Club as they present the indie comedy of the year: Doomsdays On Friday, November 15th. Join RSC for the premiere at the Sie FilmCenter showing on two screens followed by a home invasion blowout party at Parkside Manor.

Former critic Eddie Mullins’s first feature is destined to rank among 2013’s greater cinematic discoveries. Indie screen notables Justin Rice (Mutual Appreciation) and Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids) star as a set of itinerant home invaders who drift across a depopulated Catskills countryside during the tony resort region’s off season. Open to smashing a sliding-glass door to gain entry, Rice’s nihilist hipster Dirty Fred and Fitzpatrick’s eco-warrior Bruho live off the spoils of the area’s temporarily vacated country homes—even as the world beyond spirals toward a potentially cataclysmic peak-oil crisis. Joined over the course of their illicit tour by an eager teenage acolyte (Brian Charles Johnson) and an aimless young woman (Laura Campbell), Fred and Bruho are forced to confront their commitment to their lawless lifestyle.

A slacker comedy that shades toward the truly anarchic and countercultural, Doomsdays is even more extraordinary for the formal intelligence it displays: using almost exclusively highly choreographed long-take setups, Mullins works consistently within the frame, allowing the action or a punch line to develop on the edges of the image or inside a background plane. For a film where “being caught” provides a constant source of suspense and especially comedy, Mullins adopts a storytelling strategy that privileges the visual and subtly encourages a more active form of spectatorship. Doomsdays is that rare, praiseworthy work of the American independent cinema that thinks as much about how to tell a story visually as it does what story to tell.

Home Invasion Party is a 21+ event. Featuring DJ Patrick Collins, lat night food station and free booze!

In cooperation with Regis University and East High School

For information on group rates and community partnerships please contact Dominic Smith at

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