Films: La Americana

La Americana

La Americana

USA, 2008, 65 Minute Running Time
Program: Documentary Films
Language: English, Spanish English Subtitles

Producer: Nicholas Bruckman, Jesse Thomas, (executive) Alexander B. Miller
Editor: Nicholas Bruckman, John Mattiuzzi, David Jaramillo, Jesse Thomas
Screenwriter: Nicholas Bruckman, John Mattiuzzi
Cinematographer: Nicholas Bruckman, John Mattiuzzi, Jesse Thomas

First-time feature filmmaker Nicholas Bruckman—along with codirector (and New York graffiti artist) John Mattiuzzi—tackles the complex issues surrounding the immigration crisis in the United States via the archetypical saga of Carmen, an illegal Bolivian immigrant living in New York City so as to provide for her severely disabled daughter, Carla, whom she has reluctantly left behind in their poverty-stricken homeland.

Via interviews and verité footage, La Americana documents her plight as she works several jobs over the course of six years to pay for Carla’s medical needs. Worse, just as the date of Carla’s Quinceañera—for which Carmen has promised to return—is nearing, the U.S. Immigration Reform Bill goes to Congress. Now the single mother faces the dilemma of risking everything in another border crossing or remaining in the States, where she can only take care of her daughter from afar.

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