Films: The Border Wall

The Border Wall

The Border Wall

USA, 2008, 75 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Social Issues
Program: Documentary Films

DIRECTOR: Wayne Ewing
Producer: Wayne Ewing
Cinematographer: Wayne Ewing

Regular festival guest Wayne Ewing (Breakfast with Hunter, SDFF 26, and Free Lisl, SDFF 29, among others) returns with a new, scathing documentary, The Border Wall—whose namesake pits many of the citizens (and some of the fauna) living along a 2000-mile stretch of the southern United States against the Department of Homeland Security.

The Border Wall is an uncompromising investigation into the potential repercussions of the proposal to erect a 670-mile-long fence that would weave its way along the Rio Grande, through the hearts of towns, and across private property and wildlife sanctuaries. While Homeland Security officials attempt to establish legal precedents against the protestations of their opponents, Ewing raises larger questions regarding more effective ways to deal with U.S.-Mexico immigration policy.

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