Films: Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo

Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo

Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo

USA, 16 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Colorado, Comedy, Foreign
Programs: Shorts in a Feature-Length World, Spotlight on Colorado
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Brad Stabio
Screenwriter: Jeff Kosloski
Principal Cast: 

Ultra-cool Fonn Baeo and his lover Moulousse spend a carefree day in the city. When they reunite with an old acquaintance, however, their charmed lives receive an unexpected jolt. Will their luck run out, or will love prevail? Ba Nache dol Fonn Baeo walks a delicate line between paying homage to and spoofing the French New Wave. It's stylish, hilarious and told in a manner that would make Godard, Truffaut and Melville proud. Or roll over in their graves.

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