Films: Black and White and Red All Over

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Black and White and Red All Over

Black and White and Red All Over

73 Minute Running Time
Program: Special Programs

This collection is composed entirely of Colorado shorts shot in black and white—but they'll leave you seeing red.

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Films in Program...

  • Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo

    Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo

    USA , 16 min.
    Director: Brad Stabio Ultra-cool Fonn Baeo and his lover Moulousse spend a carefree day in the city. When they reunite with an old acquaintance, however, their charmed lives receive an unexpected jolt. Will their luck run out, or will love prevail?... more
  • Demonology


    USA , 2010 , 40 min.
    Director: Brian Gates In a plague-stricken world, a doctor uses the trust bestowed upon him to rob the homes of the afflicted. But his scheme is waylaid when he is summoned to Castle Blackwell to treat the young Isabel—and falls in love with her sister, Marguerite.... more
  • The House in Windsor

    The House in Windsor

    USA , 2010 , 8 min.
    Director: Jimmy Weber The House in Windsor is a short profiling Colorado’s most vicious serial killer. During the 1960s, Henry Olsen raped and murdered 13 college students with the help of four others. Even though these crimes were horrific, they have been all but forgotten.... more
  • A Letter for Colton

    A Letter for Colton

    USA , 2010 , 8 min.
    Director: Jeff Nixon A Letter for Colton follows the story of John Colton, a vigilante holed up in a remote cabin in the woods.... more
  • The Magnetic Detective

    The Magnetic Detective

    USA , 9 min.
    Director: Bryan Dahlberg Lots of loot, a bottle of cheap scotch and the inevitable sexy dame—The Magnetic Detective is a true (and funny) original, which uses uses a Magnetic Poetry Kit, the refrigerator novelty toy, to spell out a classic whodunit on the rusting metal of fire escapes and manhole covers.... more

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  • Bibliothèque Pascal

    Bibliothèque Pascal

    Hungary , 2010 , 111 min. Mona, recently returned from working in the sex trade in England, regales officials at a Romanian child welfare agency with fantastic tales of her misadventures in a bizarrely themed Liverpool brothel, hoping to regain custody of the young daughter she left behind.... more
  • The Black Panther

    The Black Panther

    Mexico , 2010 , 108 min. Noir meets sci-fi meets classic Mexican cinema in director Iyeri Wertta’s surreal black-and-white pulp fantasy, where God, Death and a cryogenically frozen Pedro Infante all play a role in alcoholic gumshoe Nico Beamonte’s existential dilemma-and his quest for the mysterious Pantera Negra.... more
  • The Drummond Will

    The Drummond Will

    United Kingdom , 2010 , 81 min. This rollicking British comedy about two brothers thrown together after years of estrangement has its dark side. Returning to the rural village where they grow up for their father’s funeral, they learn they’ve inherited his dilapidated cottage.... more
  • Shorts 2: Edge of Darkness

    Shorts 2: Edge of Darkness

    91 min. A powerful collection of stories that reveal moments of grace in times of crises.... more
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