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  • Sunday, November 07, 7:15 PM
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An Evening with P. Adams Sitney

An Evening with P. Adams Sitney

One of the most influential chroniclers of, and ambassadors for, experimental film in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, P. Adams Sitney will receive the 2010 Stan Brakhage Vision Award.

In 1974, Sitney wrote Visionary Film, the groundbreaking textbook on avant-garde filmmaking that offered a uniquely comprehensive perspective on the aesthetics of visionary post–World War II cinema in the United States. Currently a professor of visual arts at Princeton University, Sitney cofounded (with Jonas Mekas) theAnthology Film Archives in New York City, was a regular contributor to Artforum and was a major critical leader and intellectual supporter of the New American Cinema movement that peaked in the 1970s. He was married to the late activist-filmmaker Marjorie Keller. Following the presentation of the 2010 Stan Brakhage Vision Award, he will introduce a package of short avant-garde works by Marie Menken, Stan Brakhage and Ms. Keller.
—Elizabeth Henry

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Films in Program...

  • The Answering Furron

    The Answering Furron

    USA , 60 min.
    Director: Marjorie Keller Shot in New York, France, Italy and Greece, this exquisite four-part work is an ode to the planting seasons of the furrowed earth.... more
  • Arabesque for Kenneth Anger

    Arabesque for Kenneth Anger

    USA , 1961 , 4 min.
    Director: Marie Menken Says Menken, “these animated observations of tiles and Moorish architecture were made as a thank you to Kenneth for helping me shoot another film in Spain.”... more
  • Glimpse of A Garden

    Glimpse of A Garden

    USA , 1957 , 5 min.
    Director: Marie Menken A lyric, tender, intensely subjective exploration of a flower garden, with extreme magnification and flashing color harmonies.... more
  • Herein


    USA , 1991 , 35 min.
    Director: Marjorie Keller Herein charts the movement from political activism to filmmaking through the metaphor of a dwelling.... more
  • Hymn to Her

    Hymn to Her

    USA , 1974 , 3 min.
    Director: Stan Brakhage “HER to me is always Jane, in the first place, but also Hera: goddess of women and marriage, naturally enough. Then too, as it is a hymn of light, and as he/me feels the self that way, it sings of and to itself.”... more

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    American Falls

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