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Wild Horses & Renegades

Wild Horses & Renegades

USA, 2011, 80 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Animals, Documentary, Social Issues
Programs: Documentary Films, Environment in Focus
Language: English

DIRECTOR: James Anaquad Kleinert
Editor: James Anaquad Kleinert
Cinematographer: James Anaquad Kleinert
Principal Cast: James Anaquad Kleinert, Sheryl Crow, Daryl Hannah, Raoul Trujillo, Michael Blake, Willie Nelson

Director, producer, and cinematographer James Anaquad Kleinert’s riveting documentary has a Colorado connection. Disappointment Valley, about 60 miles from Telluride, seems aptly named—it’s one of the sites at which the Bureau of Land Management is conducting round-ups of wild horses. This systematic destruction of whole bands is happening across the American West; the complicated issues at stake are the crux of this documentary, which is bound to leave viewers outraged.

Despite the 1971 passage of the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burros Act, wild horses are being captured and left to languish in disease-infested facilities that cost taxpayers some $120,000 a day. They’re then sold to slaughterhouses in Mexico, who sell the meat for human consumption. The reason for the round-ups, according to Anaquad Kleinert, is that the land the horses roam also happens to be rich in desirable minerals; mining corporations are motivated to circumvent environmental-impact investigations and regulations that prohibit extraction on protected habitats.

Some of these companies have been strategizing for decades to work around the legislation that prohibits them from drilling. In the case of southern Colorado, the interest is in uranium, which would be processed at the controversial proposed Piñon Ridge Mill in Paradox Valley. Meanwhile, Anaquad Kleinert’s beautiful footage of a still-wild West shows us just what we are at risk of losing. And that would be a Disappointment, indeed.

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