Films: A Scene at the Sea

A Scene at the Sea  {Gu yeo-rum-eui ba-da}

A Scene at the Sea
Gu yeo-rum-eui ba-da

South Korea, 2010, 21 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
Genre/Subjects: Asian, Family Issues, Korean
Programs: First Look Student Film Section, Focus on a National Cinema: South Korea, Shorts-in-a-Feature-Length-World
Language: Korean English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Lee Jaehee
Producer: LeeHwaseok, Lee Jinsoon
Editor: Lee Jaehee
Screenwriter: Lee Jaehee
Cinematographer: Kim Ilyeon
Principal Cast: Jung Jaejin, Ha Sungkwang

A father and son whose roles have reversed as junior becomes the caretaker of senior execute a delicate dance at the edge of the sea.
Sponsored by Liberty Global and Embassy of the Federal Republic Germany Cultural Affairs Department

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