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Years Later  {Años después}

Years Later
Años después

Mexico, 2011, 95 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Mexican
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Festival de Cine Mexicano
Language: Spanish English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Laura Gárdos Velo
Producer: Ignacio Elizarraras, Anton Relxa
Editor: Ignacio Elizarraras, Laura Gárdos Velo
Cinematographer: Antonio Vales
Principal Cast: Angélica María, Celso Bugallo, Moisés Arizmendi, Ledicia Sola

A photo of an old man arrives by fax in a modern office high above Mexico City, where its occupant, Andrés, broods and smokes. Abruptly the scene switches to rural Galicia, where an old man waits impatiently for his morning bread delivery. Once Andrés learns that he has a living grandfather rather than a dead one, as he has always believed, he becomes obsessed with learning the truth about his history. He walks out on his job, his fiancé, and his mother, Clara, and flies to Spain.

Clara (played by legendary actress and singer-songwriter Angélica María, also known as “Mexico’s Sweetheart”) fled Franco’s Spain when she was a young girl. She blames her own politically active mother’s death on her father Justino’s affiliation with the Franco regime. Justino (venerable Spanish actor Celso Bugallo), meanwhile, is embittered by the loss of his beloved wife and daughter and dwells on old home movies showing their happy days together. Enter Andrés.

Laura Gárdos Velo directs this tale of loss, miscommunication, and misunderstanding. Action takes place mostly in the quaint village where Justino has spent his life; interior shots subtly emphasize the characters’ contrasting lifestyles—simplicity would seem to win out over the hustle and bustle of one of the planet’s busiest cities.

Sponsored by Consulate General of Mexico in Denver, Mexican Cultural Center, Wells Fargo

In cooperation with DCIS

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