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Mud Flower  {Flor de fango}

Mud Flower
Flor de fango

Mexico, 2011, 100 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Family Issues, Medical/Health, Mexican
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Festival de Cine Mexicano
Language: Spanish English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Guillermo González Montes
Producer: Armando Casas, Roberto Fiesco, Hugo Espinosa
Editor: Ruben Montiel Mendoza
Screenwriter: Guillermo Gonzalez Montes
Cinematographer: Jose Antonio Lendo
Principal Cast: Odiseo Bichir, Claudia Zepeda, Claudia Ramirez

Augusto is lecturing to a group of medical students about the thin line between chance and disorder in an apparently well-structured universe when a phone call from his wife, Ruth, throws his own universe into a tailspin. Ruth’s old nanny is dying, leaving the couple to care for Marlene, a 14-year-old orphaned schoolgirl she had been raising.

It’s quickly apparent that the seemingly innocent and beautiful girl spells trouble. The middle-aged Augusto falls deeply under her seductive spell, his paternal affection for her morphing into lustful obsession. He plans a beachside vacation with her, but before their trip can begin, Ruth discovers the tickets—and Marlene disappears. Augusto suspects the nanny’s son—a low-life, muscular sailor—has abducted her.

Augusto abandons Ruth, his work, and his comfortable life to travel to the rough seaport city of Tampico to find Marlene, his flor de fango (mud flower), and bring her back. Along the way he’s beaten, robbed, threatened, thrown into jail, knifed, and hopsitalized—but the desperate man stops at nothing to find the girl and free her. By this time, however, the wild teenager has exchanged her school uniform and knee socks for miniskirts and spike heels, taking up residency in a brothel. This is one tough drama from Mexican filmmaker Guillermo González Montes.

Sponsored by Consulate General of Mexico in Denver, Mexican Cultural Center, Wells Fargo

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