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Adam's End  {Adams ende}

Adam's End
Adams ende

Austria, 2011, 81 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Germany
Genre/Subjects: Drama, GLBT, Psychological, Romance
Programs: Cinema Q, Contemporary World Cinema
Language: German English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Richard Wilhelmer
Producer: Richard Wilhelmer, Frank Krug
Editor: Alexander Murygin
Screenwriter: Richard Wilhelmer
Cinematographer: Julius von Bismarck
Principal Cast: Robert Stadlober, Paula Kalenberg, David Winter, Eva-Maria May, Peter Schulze

The world of Adam (Robert Stadlober) and his friends is an insular one, their friendship a seemingly easy one. But they’ve grown too familiar with one another; they’re suspended in their growth the way their days are suspended in late-afternoon sun—which director Richard Wilhelmer uses to build a sense of dread and claustrophobia rather than nostalgia and innocence.

Adam and Anna (Eva-Maria May) show the classic signs of a couple growing apart, despite their young age. Conrad (David Winter) craves intimacy with Carmen (Paula Kalenberg), but his advances have all the charm and tact of a grade-school bully. Like children, they are much better at expressing jealousy, fear, and rage than at attempting to build meaningful relationships.

In this Austrian/German nail-biter, Wilhelmer captures subtle exchanges and awkward moments among the four to build toward a horrifying climax. We are left to decide if violence is the only emotional outlet remaining for young adults so detached and aimless—or if psychopathy is just easily hidden behind the blandness of clean-cut appearances and pretty faces.
Sponsored by National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and One Colorado Education Fund

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