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Record Future  {Mirai no kiroku}

Record Future
Mirai no kiroku

Japan, 2010, 93 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian, Drama, Japan
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Focus on Japanese Cinema, Art, & Culture
Language: Japanese English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Kentaro Kishi
Producer: Tetsuya Shimizu
Editor: Kentaro Kishi
Screenwriter: Kentaro Kishi, Kouhei Inaizumi
Cinematographer: Kentaro Kishi, Syogo Ootake
Principal Cast: Satoshi Kamimura, Anji, Kosuke Suzuki, Chieko Sugiura, Mizuki Machida

First-time filmmaker Kentaro Kishi started his career as an apprentice to playwright Akio Miyazawa in 1998; he went on to found a theater troupe and star in various independent and experimental films and videos. Kishi’s eclectic experience is evident in this dreamlike Japanese narrative, inspired by a 2007 trip to Ramallah, Jordan.

Sachi and Osamu rent a former school in the Japanese countryside with the intention of starting their own program. While living there, they sift through the left-behind belongings of the previous inhabitants: a Little Red Riding Hood puppet set, a student notebook where the phrase “Let us record our memories” is written. The past, present, and future move in and out of focus for Sachi and Osamu—and for the audience; with its shifting camerawork, mysterious dialogue, and blurred timeline, Record Future leaves us to wonder if our dreams are glimpses at an existence not our own.

Sponsored by Asian Art Coordinating Council, Consulate General of Japan at Denver, The Japan Foundation, University of Colorado–Denver's College of Arts & Media

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