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Entanglement  {Uwiklanie}


Poland, 2011, 128 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Crime, Drama, Literary, Mystery, Thriller
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: Polish English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Jacek Bromski
Producer: Juliusz Machulski
Screenwriter: Jacek Bromski, Juliusz Machulski
Cinematographer: Marcin Koszalka
Principal Cast: Maja Ostaszewska, Marek Bukowski, Danuta Stenka, Andrzej Seweryn

Facing a murder case with only unlikely suspects and no motives, Cracow-based prosecutor Agata Szacka (Maja Ostaszewska) begins to uncover secrets from the brutal past of the Polish Communist regime. As she gets closer to the truth, figures from the shadowy Department D emerge to threaten Agata and her family. To complicate matters, she must work alongside detective Smolar (Marek Bukowski); their own indiscretions have given the enemy weapons to undermine her case.

Director Jacek Bromski creates a thriller (based on the novel by Zygmunt Miloszewski) from which there seems to be no way out; the innocent as well as the guilty harbor skeletons better left in the dark. Coercion has the upper hand over justice, and bribery seems almost an honorable solution. Bromski’s characters show clever determination in refusing the safe and easy route—which would be to simply stop asking questions. Entanglement is a fitting title for a mystery with so many threads.

In cooperation with Kosciuszko Foundation

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