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The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

USA, 2011, 40 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Colorado, Documentary, Medical/Health, Sports
Programs: Documentary Films, Spotlight on Colorado
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Greg Hamilton, Kurt Miller
Producer: Kurt Miller
Screenwriter: Greg Hamilton
Principal Cast: 

An explosion at age three took Mike May’s eyesight—but not his vision for living with gusto: he holds the world record for speed skiing blind, as well as the distinction of being the first blind CIA agent. Jim Martinson's dreams of becoming a life-long ski bum were shattered by a Vietnam landmine, which took both his legs. When he finally recovered, starting his life over in a wheelchair, he became a pioneer of disabled sports out of sheer necessity, establishing the foundation of sports equipment manufacturing for people with disabilities—people like Chris Waddell, who holds 13 medals in the Paralympics. And then there’s Traci Taylor, a little girl who triumphed over a 10 percent chance of survival. In 1985, she won the heart of iconic sports filmmaker Warren Miller, who recalls: When I tell this story in front of people I start crying, which is kind of silly for an 80-year-old guy. They ask me who was the best skier I ever filmed and I tell them the Traci Taylor story.

Finally, there’s Rick Finkelstein. In 2004, he was paralyzed in a ski accident on Aspen Mountain. With a severed spine and internal trauma, he wasn't expected to live. Six years, nine surgeries, and a seeming lifetime of rehab later, his dramatic return to Aspen was captured on film. Even with the latest gear, expert coaching, and mentorship from the sport's pioneers, Rick faced a daunting challenge with many risks and no guarantees. The Movement is about making tough choices, beating the odds, and living life to the fullest; Miller and Robert Redford narrate this incredible documentary by Kurt Miller and Greg I. Hamilton.

Sponsored by Colorado Creative Industries Division, Colorado Office of Film Television & Media

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