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  • Saturday, November 03, 10:00 AM
    zzOpen Media Foundation


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Animation Station Competition

Animation Station Competition

360 Minute Running Time

Using any animation technique available, teams will have six hours to create their own film. The animation theme will be announced at the competition. Teams may bring their own materials including computers, however no images or material created prior to the competition may be used. ASIFA-Colorado will provide basic animation materials (clay, cutout material, drawing paper) as well as cameras for capturing images. You may bring your own computers, cameras, recording equipment, and editing equipment. ASIFA-Colorado will also do minor editing to put the animations on a timeline. The competition will be judged by the ASIFA-Colorado board. Prizes total over $600. Each team will also receive an invitation to a private screening of the animations created during the workshops and competitions.

Registration is limited. The fee is $30 per team (each team may have between one and three participants), with discounts for DFS and ASIFA-Colorado members.

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