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Shorts 1: Truer Than Fiction

Shorts 1: Truer Than Fiction

109 Minute Running Time

Using all the tools at a filmmaker’s disposal, these true-life stories may be personal, amusing, contemplative, or infuriating, but they all offer insight into the human condition.

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Films in Program...

  • The Art of Repair

    The Art of Repair

    United Kingdom , 2012 , 13 min.
    Director: Will Stewart Comedian Stewart Lee narrates this insightful look at those working in London's East End, the rare craftsmen who take the time to repair, rather than discard, autos, electronics, furniture, and musical instruments.... more
  • A Brief History of John Baldessari

    A Brief History of John Baldessari

    USA , 2012 , 5 min.
    Director: Henry Joost , Ariel Schulman Narrated by Tom Waits, this doc offers a candid look at the legendary artist and activist.... more
  • The Bronzer

    The Bronzer

    USA , 2012 , 11 min.
    Director: Peyton Wilson Stu Larkin is among the last of a dying breed: a traveling salesman who sells, get ready for this, bronzed baby shoes.... more
  • In Hanford

    In Hanford

    USA , 2012 , 5 min.
    Director: Chris Mars Using animation, first-person accounts and news reports, artist Chris Mars investigates the nuclear catastrophe in Hanford, Washington.... more
  • Irish Folk Furniture

    Irish Folk Furniture

    Ireland , 2012 , 9 min.
    Director: Tony Donoghue Using a combination of live action and animation techniques, and a commitment to a “green” film shoot, Tony Donoghue (SDFF 34) presents a contemplative study of how abandoned hand-built furniture is brought back to life in rural Ireland.... more
  • MacPherson


    Canada , 2012 , 11 min.
    Director: Martine Chartrand Inspired by a real-life friendship and featuring a first-rate musical soundtrack, MacPherson is the story of the relationship between Québec poet Felix Leclerc and Jamaican-born chemical engineer Frank Randolph MacPherson.... more
  • Night, Peace

    Night, Peace

    United Kingdom , 2012 , 11 min.
    Director: Eva Weber Award-winning director Eva Weber (SDFF 33) demonstrates her unique style of cinematic storytelling by taking the viewer on a shadowy, nocturnal tour of London.... more
  • Open


    USA , 2011 , 1 min.
    Director: Patricia McInroy A brief meditation on time and space.... more
  • Summer in Helsinki

    Summer in Helsinki

    Finland , 2011 , 8 min.
    Director: Maria Björklund A captivating portrait of the beaches, parks, and everyday life in one of the world’s finest cities.... more
  • Turning a Corner

    Turning a Corner

    USA , 2012 , 5 min.
    Director: David B. Levy A chance encounter leads a poor kid from Brooklyn with college dreams to fight the fates for a chance to change his life.... more
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