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Morning Star  {L'etoile du jour}

Morning Star
L'etoile du jour

France, 2012, 99 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subject: Drama
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: French English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Sophie Blondy
Producer: Alain Peyrollaz
Editor: Anais Enshaian
Screenwriter: Philippe Benkemoun, Sophie Blondy
Cinematographer: Nathalie Durand
Principal Cast: Denis Lavant, Iggy Pop, Tcheky Karyo, Beatrice Dalle, Natacha Regnier, Bruno Putzulu

Featuring a truly extraordinary cast headlined by Holy Motors’s Denis Lavant, Betty Blue’s Beatrice Dalle, César award winner Tcheky Karyo, and the “Godfather of Punk,” Iggy Pop, Sophie Blondy’s Morning Star tells the hallucinatory story of a small circus company, beset by sexual jealousy and professional rivalry, as its members set up camp on the windswept shores of the blue-gray North Sea. The weathered Lavant stars as Elliot, a clown married to the company’s beautiful serpentine dancer, Angele (Natacha Regnier, The Dreamlife of Angels). Angele is coveted by the circus’s bestial owner, Heroy (Karyo), while Elliot is pursued by the impossibly buxom Zohra (Dalle), a gypsy with an ability to break glass with her voice. Morning Star thus sketches a potentially messy sexual picture, one that will receive an archly melodramatic final-act resolution.

If Blondy’s second feature is somewhat conventional in its depiction of its characters’ romantic entanglements, it is anything but in its presentation of Elliot’s inner life. Morning Star effectively maps its male star’s superego, with the iconic Pop serving as “La Conscience,” as he is identified in the closing credits. The latter provides a stoic presence in the film’s seaside set-pieces, those often black-and-white passages that break from Morning Star’s carnivalesque (color) reality.

A deeply metaphoric work of the French art cinema—with a capital “A”—Morning Star is also a work of conspicuous human presence, one that extends beyond the film’s legend-filled cast to the circus “freaks” that Blondy compassionately brings to the screen.

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