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Gold Fever

Gold Fever

USA, 2013, 84 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Drama, Historical/Period, Social Issues
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: JT Haines, Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne
Producer: Tommy Haines, JT Haines, Andrew Sherburne
Editor: Tommy Haines
Cinematographer: Andrew Sherburne, Peter Majerle, Marcos Perez
Principal Cast: Noam Chomsky, Gregoria Perez, Diodora Hernadez, Crisanta Hernandez, Grahame Russell, David Korten, John Perkins

In the 500 years since the arrival of the conquistadors, gold has remained an obsession, a symbol of wealth and power. Imagine endless fields of gold, just waiting to be taken from the ground. Now imagine that the ground is in a remote Guatemalan village, whose inhabitants do not want their home to be leveled so foreign companies can reap the benefits.

As prices for gold are driven up by fearful investors, Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in the Guatemalan highlands posts record profits. When prices reach highs on Wall Street, the community of San Miguel Ixtahuacán find themselves in the crosshairs of a gold mining operation with an insatiable hunger. For locals of the divided community, though, gold frenzy can mean intimidation, pollution, even murder. Diodora, Gregoria, and Crisanta courageously stand with their community to defend their ancestral lands, whatever the consequences.

Directors JT Haines, Tommy Haines, and Andrew Sherburne document the tragic and inspiring story. Their hard-hitting film includes commentators Noam Chomsky, Magali Rey Rosa, and John Perkins, who explore the exploitative impacts of transnational mining and the global economy by asking, “[W]hat is the value of the one place we have to live?”

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