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Shorts in a Feature-Length World

What features elucidate, they encapsulate. What features spell out, they abbreviate. What features diffuse, they concentrate. Frame for frame, shorts present a whole new way of looking at the world—and at film itself. Catch them in any of eight themed packages or as part of a full-length presentation.

  • Cinemocracy: The Films

    Cinemocracy: The Films

    120 min. In a year of monumental political change, the Denver Film Society and the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs created an opportunity for filmmakers to answer the question "What is Democracy?"... more
  • Faux Mouvements…and Other Excursions

    Faux Mouvements…and Other Excursions

    80 min. Join us on this excursion into motion itself - as it takes the forms of visual music, animation, and documentary impressionism - with these five experimental shorts from around the world.... more
  • Fear & Dystopia

    Fear & Dystopia

    75 min. Colorado Narrative Shorts... more
  • Full-Dimensional 2-D

    Full-Dimensional 2-D

    80 min. With this collection of talents, it takes only two dimensions to tell these vivid and imaginative stories.... more
  • Microcosms


    67 min. These three documentary shorts explore the effects of global-relief efforts: one man's motivation and lifelong passion to improve the lives of women in southern India; performances by puppetry troupes for children in war-torn areas; and the return to Sudan of three young refugees.... more
  • Shades of Gray

    Shades of Gray

    74 min. It is never, ever simply black or white.... more
  • Unseen Connections

    Unseen Connections

    80 min. It is what lies between us that makes us real.... more
  • Untold Consequences

    Untold Consequences

    91 min. No matter what decision you make, what action you take…there are always consequences.... more
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