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Environment in Focus

Environmental advocacy is a powerful cultural thematic and a core focus of the 2011 Starz Denver Film Festival. Programming will feature cutting-edge documentaries and films with the power to inspire audiences and empower them in ways that can make a difference in the interactions and impact we have on the natural world.

The 2011 Environment in Focus program offers many opportunities to speak with filmmakers within intimate settings and post-screening receptions.

Sponsored By: Consulate General of Canada in Denver , The Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast

  • Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

    Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

    Canada , 2011 , 118 min. Paul Watson is on a mission to save the earth’s sea creatures from slaughter—one that pits him, undeterred, against entire nations. This unflinching documentary traces his passionate life’s work, from the founding of Greenpeace to violent confrontations with whaling fleets.... more
  • Semper Fi: Always Faithful

    Semper Fi: Always Faithful

    USA , 2011 , 76 min. For 30 years, over a million soldiers lived at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, unaware of their exposure to toxic water—or its role in their illnesses. This searing documentary chronicles one Marine’s fight for justice after losing his nine-year–old daughter to leukemia.... more
  • Wild Horses & Renegades

    Wild Horses & Renegades

    USA , 2011 , 80 min. In this provocative documentary, director James Anaquad Kleinert examines the corporate interests at stake in the regularly scheduled round-ups of supposedly protected wild horses that roam states like Colorado. The capture and subsequent destruction of these creatures could mean the end for an icon... more
  • You've Been Trumped

    You've Been Trumped

    United Kingdom , 2011 , 95 min. When business tycoon Donald Trump decides to build his next luxury golf resort on the environmentally pristine coast north of Aberdeen, Scotland, local residents rise up in protest. You’ve Been Trumped documents corporate America in all its greed and denial.... more
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