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Created in January 2011 by Paris-based Wide Management, Eye on Films is a unique network of film festivals and distributors that facilitates the exhibition of first feature films at member festivals around the world. The Starz Denver Film Festival is pleased to count itself among the partners of this new international initiative.

  • Fear of Falling

    Fear of Falling

    Poland , 2011 , 90 min. Tomek’s dark past catches up with him when he gets a call from the psychiatric hospital in his hometown: his estranged father has just been admitted, compelling Tomek to return home in an attempt to restore a father-son bond long lost. Polish director Bartosz Konopka shows great promise... more
  • Policeman


    Israel , 2011 , 105 min. Israeli writer-director Nadav Lapid’s gripping feature debut examines the lives of counterterrorist unit members and Jewish terrorists prior to their inevitable face-off. In the aftermath, Policeman eschews genre tropes in favor of a meditation on the nature of machismo.... more
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