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New Directors Showcase

The Starz Denver Film Festival has become known for its focus on emerging (first- and second-time) film directors from around the world.

  • 28 Hotel Rooms

    28 Hotel Rooms

    USA , 2012 , 82 min. Matt Ross takes a new approach to filmmaking with this collage of hotel-room scenes between lovers who are married to other people yet find themselves falling deeper and deeper into a profound relationship.... more
  • The Aviation Cocktail

    The Aviation Cocktail

    USA , 2012 , 96 min. NOW PLAYING through Thursday, May 2nd at the Sie FilmCenter Official Selection of the 35th Starz Denver Film Festival Director and cast in-person after the 7:15pm show on Saturday, April 27th! Digital presentation - Three World War II veterans learn that life back home can also be h... more
  • Beyond the Walls

    Beyond the Walls

    Belgium , 2012 , 98 min. Paulo, a sweet thing who hasn’t quite figured out his sexuality, and the hunky Ilir, whom he meets in a bar, blossom in a love affair until Ilir is arrested for drug possession. His time in prison can’t help but take a devastating toll on them both.... more
  • City World

    City World

    USA , 2012 , 70 min. A beautifully drawn portrait of empty landscapes in Orlando, Florida, serves as backdrop for a boy’s ruminations on history and family. Images rich in atmosphere contrast with his notions about how Orlando came to be and what his life is like.... more
  • Consuming Spirits

    Consuming Spirits

    USA , 2012 , 134 min. Meticulous pencil drawing, collage, cutout, and stop-motion animation combine to weave a spell in a tale of three tormented souls with closely guarded secrets in an Appalachian town. Chris Sullivan’s film is a haunting ride for all who take the trip.... more
  • Dead Man's Burden

    Dead Man's Burden

    USA , 2012 , 93 min. In this Western with a film noir-twist, director Jared Moshé lets details of the plot unfold in tantalizing dribbles. A young couple working a desolate farm in 1870 New Mexico will do anything that needs to be done to get away.... more
  • The Enigma of Frank Ryan

    The Enigma of Frank Ryan

    Ireland , 2012 , 90 min. Believing that his enemy’s enemy is his friend, IRA hero Frank Ryan took root in Berlin, only to find at a later date that his Nazi hosts’ hospitality came at the cost of his own integrity. Archival footage enriches this dramatization of Ryan’s war years.... more
  • Gayby


    USA , 2012 , 89 min. Boundaries are tested when best friends Jenn and Matt both decide to stop waiting for “Mr. Right” and attempt to conceive a child together “the old-fashioned way.”... more
  • Here and There

    Here and There

    Mexico , 2012 , 110 min. In director Antonio Méndez Esparza’s Cannes award winner, Pedro returns to Mexico after working in the U.S. But family struggles force him to make a decision: stay and be the man of the family, or return north as an absentee provider.... more
  • The International Sign for Choking

    The International Sign for Choking

    USA , 2012 , 80 min. Former exchange student Josh returns to Buenos Aires to work on a film, but can’t fit in. He meets fellow American Anna; there’s a mutual attraction, but Josh’s feelings of alienation spoil any chances of a relationship.... more
  • Mar del Plata

    Mar del Plata

    Argentina , 2012 , 82 min. When childhood friends and rivals Joaquin and David take a beach vacation together, they run into Elena, Joaquin’s ex-girlfriend, who’s married to Lautaro, a successful novelist. Suddenly their weekend escape isn’t such a getaway anymore in this comedy.... more
  • Masterplan


    Argentina , 2012 , 87 min. In this comedy, Mariano dumps his beloved vintage car after a fraud scheme goes wrong. Increasingly worried about getting caught—and about his impending marriage—he befriends a vagrant who’s taken up residence in the car, and gains a new attitude.... more
  • Paris Under Watch

    Paris Under Watch

    France , 2012 , 85 min. Shades of Orwell’s Big Brother are in play as a mysterious person tracks a group of suspected terrorists after a bombing. Sitting behind rows of monitors and computer equipment, he follows each suspect’s every move. Who is he and why is he spying on them?... more
  • Pincus


    USA , 2012 , 78 min. After becoming sole caretaker for his Parkinson’s-patient dad, slacker Pincus learns some life lessons despite himself. Director David Fenster drew from his experiences caring for his own father.... more
  • Richard's Wedding

    Richard's Wedding

    USA , 2012 , 88 min. Tuna is headed to Central Park with an offbeat group of comrades for a friend’s wedding. As their conversation—from inane to profound—unfolds and wedding plans go awry, the pals’ faults and insecurities are exposed. Writer/director Onur Tukel stars.... more
  • Salt


    Argentina , 2011 , 112 min. A writer in search of authentic experience to help him produce a believable film script finds himself in a horrific predicament. A local drug lord in the middle of Chile’s driest desert mistakes him for a heroic gunslinger whom he’s been itching to kill.... more
  • Struck by Lightning

    Struck by Lightning

    USA , 2012 , 84 min. MUST END Thursday, January 17th! Presented by Cinema Q! Official Selection - 35th Starz Denver Film Festival! Digital presentation - High school senior Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) was destined for bigger things than his close-minded small town could ever offer. He was on a path to... more
  • Young Guns Panel

    Young Guns Panel

    90 min. A new and independent-minded filmmakers’ panel featuring director Mike Ott (Pearblossom Hwy), actor David Nordstrom (Pincus), and Argentine tributee Daniel Burman, who has three films showing in this year’s festival. Robert Denerstein moderates.... more
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