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First Look Student Program

The First Look Student Film Section is an exclusive selection of short films reserved for outstanding student filmmakers from around the world.

  • Authentic


    Australia , 2012 , 13 min. A sex addict who has spent his life trying to find the reason for his unhappiness discovers that the answer lies closer than he thought... more
  • Bear Me

    Bear Me

    Germany , 2012 , 6 min. A simple story about love, passion, and being blind to how love may not always be what it’s cracked up to be... more
  • Between Sins

    Between Sins

    USA , 2013 , 13 min. A former prisoner finds religion and then takes over his recently deceased father’s financially ailing church. In order to save it, he borrows money from an old street friend. With back payments due, he must face a past that he thought his faith would bury... more
  • The Boy Scout

    The Boy Scout

    USA , 2013 , 14 min. Grant and Leah’s car gets stuck in an early-season snowstorm during an impromptu trip to the mountains. After six days of captivity, they must answer the question: should we stay, or should we go?... more
  • Goldtooth


    USA , 2012 , 9 min. Eight-year-old Debbie hates cleaning for her Nana. What she needs is a fairy godmother, but what she gets is a pimp... more
  • Hangdog


    USA , 2012 , 14 min. A degenerate and his troubled teenage cousin rob a farmhouse in an effort to change their lives... more
  • The Heat

    The Heat

    Poland , 2013 , 24 min. Zar 1. Coal or wood afire to redness 2. High air temperature 3. Vehemence of feelings... more
  • HomeMade


    Israel , 2012 , 18 min. A mother from a kibbutz is convinced that her son, who was arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor, is innocent and commits to clearing his name. Little by little the facts of the case start making cracks in her defense... more
  • Honeymoon Hotel

    Honeymoon Hotel

    Germany , 2013 , 22 min. A highly explosive wedding is about to take place with cops instead of guests, weapons instead of rings, and a bank-robbing bride and groom whose first kiss might be their last... more
  • Hungry Man

    Hungry Man

    Australia , 2012 , 18 min. The story of a man, his tapeworm, and the girl who comes between them... more


    USA , 2013 , 20 min. The most coveted new sneakers go on sale at 8 a.m. and sneakerheads nationwide are camping out overnight to get them. Ronny, a young Filipino-American, has been dreaming of these shoes for months, but will his quest be hindered after a fast-food cashier’s racist joke offends his sister?... more
  • If We Were Adults

    If We Were Adults

    USA , 2013 , 22 min. When Mitch and Izzy learn of their best friend’s engagement, they become the last unmarried couple. Out of spite and a little booze, they decide to take the plunge... more
  • Last Call

    Last Call

    USA , 2013 , 17 min. When Chuck gets some bad news from his doctor, Bruce takes him out for one last spin around town to relive their glory days. But when their fun comes to an end, they must put petty thrills aside and learn to say goodbye... more
  • The Legend of Julio de la Casa

    The Legend of Julio de la Casa

    Germany , 2012 , 23 min. A romantic comedy plays out on the set of a pornographic movie. David is forced to fight for the woman he loves when the Mexican porn star Julio de la Casa threatens to put her under his spell forever... more
  • Noah


    Canada , 2013 , 18 min. In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager’s computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior (and romance) in the digital age... more
  • Out of Darkness

    Out of Darkness

    Lebanon , 2013 , 14 min. A woman is engaged to a man her father disapproves of because he’s blind. This subtle and telling documentary explores the emotions and perspectives of each... more
  • Paulie


    USA , 2012 , 11 min. A short comedy about Paulie, a child prodigy who goes on a quest to take down the school bully after the bully beats him in the big essay contest... more
  • Straight Down Low

    Straight Down Low

    USA , 2013 , 25 min. A neo-noir, set in the inner city, follows a shrewd high-school detective who must solve a curious gangland crime to protect the girl he loves... more
  • Substitute Teacher

    Substitute Teacher

    Israel , 2012 , 17 min. Ariela, an introverted 34-year-old substitute teacher, is single and pregnant. In school she meets David, a 15-year-old student. A tender connection develops between the two and makes them look at daily life in a new way... more
  • Sweet, Sweet Country

    Sweet, Sweet Country

    USA , 2013 , 20 min. Living in a small Southern town, 20-year-old refugee Ndizeye struggles to support not only herself, but the family she left behind in a Kenyan refugee camp. Her struggle becomes so much more when her family literally shows up at her doorstep... more
  • Talent Show

    Talent Show

    United Kingdom , 2013 , 6 min. Humor is abundant in this bittersweet story about a local talent show... more
  • To Fly in a Straight Line

    To Fly in a Straight Line

    Nicaragua , 2013 , 23 min. Two childhood friends from a small village in the north of Nicaragua briefly reunite one day in the city. One, a university student, and the other, a dropout, have a slight misunderstanding regarding a motorcycle, which leads to some petty drama in their similarly uneventful day-to-day lives... more
  • Unorthodox


    USA , 2012 , 23 min. When his older brother runs away from home after a bitter fight with their father, Yankel decides to seek revenge. Upon learning that fathers are punished for their children’s sins, he decides to test his faith for the first time in order to teach his father a lesson... more
  • The World Thereafter

    The World Thereafter

    Germany , 2012 , 27 min. A critical breach in a long-term nuclear waste facility forces a scientist to decide whether she wants to rescue the operation or her marriage... more
  • Yolanda


    Puerto Rico , 2013 , 14 min. A single mother struggles to raise her children on the poor outskirts of Santo Domingo. Tired of hustling in the streets, she decides to leave it all behind and illegally immigrate to Puerto Rico... more
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