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Focus on National Cinema: Netherlands

Each year the festival shines the spotlight on one particular country in order to illuminate its range of cinematic treasures. Dutch cinema, for the most part, does not find its way onto the screens of U.S. theaters. However, the Netherlands hosts two of the most important film festivals in the world: the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. The EYE Film Institute on the banks of the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam is a film exhibition, collections, and education wonder. Dutch cinema is wildly diverse: popular comedies dominate the local box-office, off-kilter narratives punctuate major film festivals’ competition sections, and lush dramas find their way around the world. We’ve brought some of all of that to you.

  • Amstel


    Netherlands , 2013 , 10 min. After a night of drinking and carousing, Maarte unexpectedly finds the woman of his dreams, but he is still very drunk and the details of how to find this woman again are fuzzy, at best... more
  • The Animation of Man

    The Animation of Man

    Netherlands , 2012 , 3 min. An ornery animated figure makes life difficult for its creator... more
  • Balance


    Netherlands , 2012 , 11 min. A rugged, remote mountain is the backdrop for two climbers. One slips but quick thinking by the other creates a counterweight, so they are both left hanging above an abyss … but now the wind is picking up and the sunlight is fading... more
  • Borgman


    Netherlands , 2013 , 118 min. Never refuse a bath to those who dwell below the earth. They will transform your sacred family life into a Grand Guignol for no other reason than their malevolent amusement. The chilling aspect of Alex van Warmerdam’s Cannes selection is the household’s complete consent... more
  • Chopper


    Netherlands , 2012 , 2 min. A wildly popular animated look at the “circle of life.”... more
  • The Girl and Death

    The Girl and Death

    Netherlands , 2012 , 127 min. In this beautifully shot period piece, an elderly man returns to a once-opulent but now abandoned hotel, where he relives his ill-fated love affair of half a century earlier with a beautiful and very complicated kept woman. Through flashbacks, their tragic romance is recounted... more
  • The Marathon

    The Marathon

    Netherlands , 2012 , 110 min. Not realizing how long a marathon really is, four pals glibly make a bet with a sponsor that they can finish the Rotterdam race in order to save the garage they love. Poor diets, relationships and inner demons are no obstacles for their hilariously heartfelt perseverance... more
  • Matterhorn


    Netherlands , 2013 , 87 min. A dour widower and a mentally impaired drifter end up relying on each other more and more as the strict Christian townspeople turn from neighborly disapproval to outright interventionists in this highly entertaining Dutch black comedy. Director Diederik Ebbinge achieves a surprising psychological co... more
  • Oh Willy...

    Oh Willy...

    Belgium , 2011 , 17 min. This wildly successful animated treat has everything: a world covered with fuzzy wool, a tender story with just a touch of surrealistic fantasy, a nudist-colony setting, and, at its center, the middle-aged “hero,” Willy... more
  • The Resurrection of a Bastard

    The Resurrection of a Bastard

    Netherlands , 2013 , 89 min. Equal parts Tarantino, The Sixth Sense, and European art film, The Resurrection of a Bastard tells the intermittently comic story of an outlandishly brutal Dutch gangster transformed by a near-death experience. Adapted by the filmmaker from his own graphic novel... more
  • Sevilla


    Netherlands , 2012 , 11 min. A trio of friends set off on a road trip to Spain but where they end up is unimaginable... more
  • Symbiosis


    Netherlands , 2013 , 40 min. The medium-length latest from SDFF favorite Mijke de Jong, Symbiosis stars Elsie de Brauw as Sophie, a middle-aged mother in the early stages of dementia. Over the course of three emotionally difficult days, she must decide what to do with her mentally disabled adult son... more
  • Tricked


    Netherlands , 2012 , 85 min. Tricked attends to the infamous auteur of Robocop and Showgirls as he copes with the difficulties of producing a crowdsourced screenplay that credits an extraordinary 397 participants. Their creation, a delectably pulpy story of extramarital dalliances, follows... more
  • Warriors


    Netherlands , 2013 , 50 min. Part of a Dutch television series inspired by true crimes, this dark portrayal of a doomed couple—he an abusive addict, she the desperate damsel in distress—was directed by Mijke de Jong, a longtime festival regular and SDFF 35 tribute recipient... more
  • Wrong Time Wrong Place

    Wrong Time Wrong Place

    Netherlands , 2012 , 80 min. John Appel’s documentary delves into the aftermath of the 2011 Norway massacre, exploring the seemingly random acts that allowed some victims to survive while others perished at the hands of gunman Anders Breivik. In emotional interviews, survivors describe their brush with death... more
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