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  • In Real Life

    In Real Life

    Denmark , 2013 , 102 min. The Internet has transformed interpersonal relationships, from meeting to cheating. We are accessible 24/7, yet may not be present in the moment to make the correct choices. People require human contact, but are we the same online as we are In Real Life?... more
  • Northwest


    Denmark , 2013 , 91 min. Micheal Noer follows his 2010 prison film R with a Danish drama following two brothers through the crime-ridden area of Northwest. Working for a big player, they are thrown into a dark world of drugs and prostitution, and must decide which bonds are stronger, family's or crime's.... more
  • Sex, Drugs & Taxation

    Sex, Drugs & Taxation

    Denmark , 2013 , 110 min. An ultra-horny tourism mogul and a genius revolutionary lawyer team up to rock Denmark in the decadent 1960s. Based on “real and unreal” events, this biopic lets us watch as the two scare a gorilla with an erection, crusade for tax evasion, hold sex contests on TV, and savor LSD... more
  • Walking Blues

    Walking Blues

    Denmark , 2012 , 15 min. Rich, colorful paintings and the lure of the blues bring to life the journey of a Malian singer who risks everything to escape to Europe in order to find a better life for himself and his music... more
  • The Weight of Elephants

    The Weight of Elephants

    Denmark , 2013 , 83 min. Ostracized by his entire world, young Adrian is haunted by news of three abducted kids in a neighboring town. Coincidentally, Nicole, resembling one of the missing, moves in next-door piquing his curiosity. Together they help each other cope with abandonment and isolation... more
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