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  • August


    Finland , 2011 , 108 min. In Finnish writer-director Oskari Sipola’s debut feature, August, chance encounters with the bewitching Juli change the trajectory of earnest Aku’s summer. But the passage to adulthood is a rocky one in this combination road movie and coming-of-age tale.... more
  • Brothers


    Finland , 2011 , 90 min. Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki uses The Brothers Karamazov as his model and a stormy family reunion as a platform for this tale of three emotionally damaged brothers who confront their wolfish, boozy old father with his past sins—even as they're eating his 70th birthday cake.... more
  • The Death of an Insect

    The Death of an Insect

    Finland , 2010 , 7 min. A hypnotic, visual poem on the path of a dying butterfly.... more
  • Le Havre

    Le Havre

    Finland , 2011 , 103 min. Le Havre looks like a 1960s B-movie, but its storyline is wholly contemporary. Finland’s official entry for best foreign-language film at next year’s Academy Awards offers a light-hearted look at shoeshine man Marcel’s efforts to provide safe harbor for a young African immigrant.... more
  • Princess


    Finland , 2010 , 100 min. In his first dramatic feature, Finnish documentarian Arto Halonen tells the real-life tale of Anna Lappaleinen, a charming psychotic who imagined herself a displaced royal with connections to all the crowned heads of Europe—and who survived the sometimes reckless fashions of post-WWII psychiatry.... more
  • Sodankylä Forever: The Century of Cinema

    Sodankylä Forever: The Century of Cinema

    Finland , 2010 , 90 min. Peter von Bagh, the director of the 24-hour movie marathon that is Finland's Sodankylä Film Festival, has compiled a fascinating documentary from the annual panel discussions he hosts: here are Coppola, Forman, Scola, Fuller, and others on the effects of World War II and the Soviet era on world film... more
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