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  • Eva Is Leaving

    Eva Is Leaving

    Israel , 2011 , 16 min. Eldad, the owner of Eldad's Coffee Shop, suddenly finds religion. When he decides to make his coffee shop kosher to accentuate his newfound awakening, his wife and employee warn that old habits had better not die hard... more
  • Floating


    Israel , 2010 , 30 min. Ruet is fat; Lilach is anorexic. Both have been sent by their parents to a children’s ward for treatment. Will the friendship they forge lead them to accept treeatment? Or will two rebellious girls with serious diseases... more
  • Policeman


    Israel , 2011 , 105 min. Israeli writer-director Nadav Lapid’s gripping feature debut examines the lives of counterterrorist unit members and Jewish terrorists prior to their inevitable face-off. In the aftermath, Policeman eschews genre tropes in favor of a meditation on the nature of machismo.... more
  • Tasnim


    Israel , 2011 , 12 min. Tasnim, a strong and opinionated 10-year-old, lives with her mother and siblings in a neglected Bedouin village. A surprise visit from her father forces her, for the first time in her life, to confront the conservative norms of the family tribe and the fact that she is no longer daddy's little girl.... more
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