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  • Angst, Piss & Shit

    Angst, Piss & Shit

    Norway , 2013 , 19 min. Angst, Piss & Shit is a black comedy that deals with twisted, complicated love between two murdering psychopaths. A young couple that once shared a fascination for mass murder and torture, but now resemble a sad and lifeless parody on relationships.... more
  • Stanley Film Festival - Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

    Stanley Film Festival - Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

    Norway , 2014 , 100 min. In the follow up to his cult hit, director Tommy Wirkola brings back Colonel Herzog to lead his Nazi zombie army on their unholy quest. Although this time, a Russian battalion is wakened for the fight.... more
  • Stanley Film Festival - Ragnarok

    Stanley Film Festival - Ragnarok

    Norway , 2013 , 100 min. An archeologist obsessed with ancient Viking myth stumbles upon the discovery of a lifetime in this good old fashioned creature feature adventure that's fun for the whole family.... more
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