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  • Benny


    USA , 2011 , 14 min. An overweight teenager revisits an old friend—who is now a personal fitness trainer.... more
  • Demon's Dilemma

    Demon's Dilemma

    South Korea , 2011 , 13 min. Living on earth while working for the devil, one demon steps into a moral quagmire.... more
  • Food and the Maiden

    Food and the Maiden

    Japan , 2010 , 75 min. From first-time Japanese writer-director Minoru Kurimura comes this simultaneously haunting and charming exploration of the neuroses surrounding nourishment. Three interweaving plots show how the main characters’ troubles are as much about relationships as mealtimes... more
  • The High Life

    The High Life

    China , 2010 , 96 min. Documentary filmmaker Zhao Dayong makes his fiction debut with this bleak but absorbing look at a cross-section of Chinese urban life. Zhao’s genius for capturing precisely the vivid details of a decaying slum stands in sharp contrast to his shifting perspective on modern-day morality.... more
  • Minka


    USA , 2010 , 15 min. An American journalist and a Japanese architect rescue an ancient farmhouse in this intimate story about design, memory, and the meaning of home.... more
  • Patang


    USA , 2011 , 93 min. Raised in Chicago and schooled at Cornell, Indian-American filmmaker Prashant Bhargava spent six years making this stunning feature debut. Respect for ritual and grand visual poetry combine to create a richly textured family drama set in Ahmedabad, the site of India's largest annual kite festival.... more
  • Persimmon


    Japan , 2011 , 19 min. Tamotsu has two problems: an elderly man who won’t eat and a persimmon that won’t dry.... more
  • Play Like a Lion

    Play Like a Lion

    USA , 2011 , 72 min. “Emperor of Melody” Ali Akbar Khan brought Indian classical music to the United States in 1955; his son Alam has dedicated his life to keeping Khan’s legend alive. This documentary tribute explores their loving relationship and extraordinary musical influence.... more
  • Record Future

    Record Future

    Japan , 2010 , 93 min. With roots in the Japanese theater, Kentaro Kishi makes his cinematic debut with this dreamlike narrative that examines the connections between past, present, and future through the eyes of characters Sachi and Osamu, who dream of running their own schoolhouse.... more
  • Rikyu


    Japan , 1989 , 135 min. In Hiroshi Teshigahara’s Rikyu, a shogun wants to learn the tea ceremony. He’s a warrior, a man of politics and ambition—and for him, the ceremony is just one more thing to conquer. Unfortunately for the shogun, though, its performance demands a whole new set of skills.... more
  • A Scene at the Sea

    A Scene at the Sea

    South Korea , 2010 , 21 min. A father and son whose roles have reversed as junior becomes the caretaker of senior execute a delicate dance at the edge of the sea.... more
  • Shangri-La


    USA , 2011 , 6 min. A Tibetan monk describes his transition into American life and the challenge of setting up a monastery for fellow exiled monks.... more
  • Tales of the Waria

    Tales of the Waria

    USA , 2010 , 56 min. Chinese-American documentarian Kathy Huang takes a fascinating look at Indonesia's waria—men living as women—that plays havoc with the usual Western notions of Muslim intolerance and gender identity. In the city of Makassar, at least, the waria are clearly accepted as equals... more
  • Rare Imports: The Makioka Sisters

    Rare Imports: The Makioka Sisters

    Japan , 1983 , 140 min. BRAND NEW 35MM PRINT! The fading fortunes of the titular siblings take center stage in Kon Ichikawa’s 1983 adaptation of Junichiro Tanizaki’s acclaimed novel. It’s 1938, and the Makiokas seek to marry off Yukiko while struggling with familial conflict and relinquishing their hold on the past... more
  • Yukiko


    Japan , 2011 , 75 min. Shot in Paris by Japanese filmmaker Haruka Motoi, this quiet character study centers on the bond women forge in overcoming life’s hardships. After walking out on her boyfriend, the titular character faces surprise upon surprise as she tries to make her way in the foreign city of lights.... more
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