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The 33rd Starz Denver Film Festival (SDFF) announces additional screenings of some of its top ticket-yielding films, scheduled for the second week of the Festival.

“With more than 50 sold-out screenings and nearly 20,000 film-goers in attendance during the first week alone, we hope these additional screenings will bring out as enthusiastic of a crowd during the second half of the Festival,” said SDFF Executive Director, Tom Botelho. “The need to add to our program further demonstrates the growing support we continue to receive from the community each year, and for this, we have our patrons, guests and sponsors to thank.”

Additional Screenings
SDFF33 will present the following, new screenings during the second half of the Festival:

Blue Valentine
Thursday, November 11 – 9pm, Starz FilmCenter
In his long-awaited, emotionally-charged second feature, University of Colorado graduate Derek Cianfrance, examines the disintegration of a family, as a boozy furniture mover Dean (Ryan Gosling) and discontented nurse Cindy (Michelle Williams) attempt to rekindle their young passion and save a rocky marriage, complicated by the presence of their young daughter.

We Are the Sea
Sunday, November 14 – 7:15pm, Starz FilmCenter
Inspired by and featuring the haunting music of Iron & Wine, We Are the Sea follows an isolated young teacher from the brink of despair toward something like the land of the living—with the help of his daughter and the discovery of friends in unexpected places.

The Smell of Lemons
Sunday, November 14 – 12pm/noon, Starz FilmCenter
Believing his mother’s old wives’ tale of how to get a woman to say yes, a lovesick teen seeks out to find the girl of his dreams. His quest takes him under the sea and over the cliffs of Sicily. Denver-native Joel Stangle directs this lush Italian romantic comedy.

Leading Ladies
Sunday, November 14 – 7:30pm, Denver FilmCenter/Colfax
In this sweet, offbeat romantic comedy, Sheri is a former ballroom star turned overbearing stage mom to starlet Tasi and wallflower Toni. When the nutty family suddenly finds their world turns upside down, they must redefine their roles—and relationships—both on and off the dance floor.

Visit http://www.denverfilm.org for more information or to purchase events scheduled for SDFF33.

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