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From Scene to Screen: An Actors/Directors Workshop


From Scene to Screen: An Actors/Directors Workshop


The process that begins in the writer’s imagination, then gets inked to the page, interpreted by the actor, molded by the director, and projected onto the screen is nothing short of alchemy. If you are a writer, director, actor, or film enthusiast and have an interest in experiencing this magical process, this five-hour workshop is for you. (When you purchase your package ticket, please specify whether you want to be an active participant/acting student or a director/film enthusiast. Enrollment is limited to 12 and 30, respectively). Facilitated by award-winning actor-writer-directors Tom Bower and Sheila Traister, this workshop will unfold in three parts:


·      Watch The Color Wheel, written and directed by Alex Ross Perry and cowritten by Carlen Altman.

·      Perry and Altman will conduct the workshop. Working with participants, they’ll use scenes from the film to conduct mock auditions.

·      The filmmakers will also participate in a post-workshop wRap Session, moderated by Traister and Bower.


The workshop will be videotaped.


Tuition is $100 / DFS members and $125 / general public; it includes admission to The Color Wheel, Tuesday, November 8th at 6:30pm at the Tivoli, the five-hour workshop, and a box lunch.


To participate email Sigri at: Sigri@denverfilm.org


Saturday, November 12, 11:30am–4:30pm at the studio of Open Media Foundation, 700 Kalamath Street


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