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Krzysztof Kieslowski

A well crafted narrative that explores the highs and lows of a complicated familial relationship with authentic performances, supported by grand cinematography, pulls you into the unfamiliar world of a childhood thief whose only constant is the love shared between him and his "sister". The jury awards the Kryzsztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film to SISTER.

Jurors: Irena Kovarova, Whitney Kimmel, Adam Roffman


A film that at first seems like a simple portrait of an artist, but actually touches on deep and complex issues facing suburban America today through provocative photographs. The jury is pleased to give the Maysles Brother Award for Best Documentary to GREGORY CREWDSON: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS.

Jurors: Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Neal Block, Jeff Lipsky

New Director

For its artful mix of fictional and documentary elements, its unsentimental depiction of terminal illness and thirtysomething underachievement, and its playfully deadpan look at alternative medicine and the quest for human connection, the New Directors Award goes to David Fenster's PINCUS."

Jurors: Paul Zimmerman, Rob Nelson, James Francis Flynn

Domestic Short

For it's subtle, yet powerful, story of racial injustice and overall excellence in all aspects of its filmmaking, the jury awards The First Look Student Short Award to CROSSING written and directed by Gina Atwater

For his dynamic portrayal of a troubled hasidic youth searching for his own identity in the film "WHERE IS JOEL BAUM", the jury would also like to give a special prize for acting to Luzer Twersky.

Jurors: Garret Savage, Tim Harms, Jenny Chikes

International Short

For it's inspired performances - both human and animal -, its fatalistic humor, & the immersive world it creates, the jury gives the Liberty Global International Student Filmmaker Award to OF DOGS AND HORSES

For it's stylish cinematography and its unflinching & nuanced portrait of a complicated man in a tense situation, we give a special jury prize to TOBACCO KING.

Jurors: Jon Korn, Penelope Rose Bartlett, Bob Leighton

Animated Short

This year was extremely difficult for the ASIFA-Colorado Best Animated Short Award jury. The animations were all very well crafted and containing delicate stories that were handled wonderfully. However, the judges found that the vibrant images and interwoven poetry and music bringing to life an uncommon story using an uncommon animation technique of painted glass gave them the ability to claim the ASIFA-Colorado Best Animated Short Award for the film "MacPherson" directed by Martine Chartrand.

Sponsored by Mighty Fudge Studios

Feature Screenplay

A well crafted insight into a "conspiracy of dunces." The unfolding of this story in all it's absurd twists and turns is unthinkably based on true events. A look into the contagion of celebrity and the Faustian ordeals that come with it. The jury gives the inaugural Feature Screenplay Award to OJ's ELEVEN.

Jurors: Guinivere Turner, Amy Redford, Terry Dodd

Short Screenplay

We love the collision of the East and West, traditional and popular culture. This script is economical and disciplined with wonderful snapshots and imagery. The title character is precisely articulated in an unpredictable way. The jury gives the inaugural Shorts Screenplay Award to BECOMING LANA LIU.

Sponsored by The Program of Film and Television ­­- CU-Denver


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