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2013 Starz Denver Film Festival

  • The Great Beauty

    The Great Beauty

    Overflowing with the contradictions of its Eternal City subject, Paolo Sorrentino’s pseudo-“city symphony” reimagines Fellini’s La Dolce Vita for the 21st century. The great Toni Servillo stars as the charming if cynical axis around which the film’s debauched Babylon revolves

  • I Used to Be Darker

    I Used to Be Darker

    Weighed down by her own life-changing news, Northern Irish runaway Taryn arrives unannounced at her American aunt and uncle’s just in time to witness the contentious end of their marriage. Matthew Porterfield’s well-crafted drama explores the various refuges we seek

  • August: Osage County

    August: Osage County

    Three grown daughters reluctantly return home to join their acid-tongued mother in mourning their father’s death. Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts lead a star-studded cast.

  • The Broken Circle Breakdown

    The Broken Circle Breakdown

    A Belgian couple face the loss of their daughter to cancer, marshaling the resources of their love of American bluegrass to try to stanch the pain. The film layers their happy early years with the tragedy they must endure and the success they are finally achieving as musicians

  • Code Black

    Code Black

    Starz's People's Choice Award - Documentary Feature Documenting the clash between severe medical needs and the economic realities of our health-care system, physician Ryan McGarry’s film chronicles the efforts of a team of young doctors at a Los Angeles hospital to treat the hundreds of peop

  • Hanna Ranch

    Hanna Ranch

    An intimate portrait of three generations of a Colorado ranching family, focusing on “eco-cowboy” Kirk Hanna, who fights to preserve his land in the face of urban encroachment, environmental concerns, and family discord.

  • 12 O'Clock Boys X

    12 O'Clock Boys X

    Debut filmmaker Lotfy Nathan’s documentary showcases Baltimore’s notorious dirt-bike packs, whose illegal wheelie-popping the police are powerless to stop. The account follows Pug, a boy who’s recently lost his older brother and who yearns to assimilate into the group

  • Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton

    Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton

    This doc chronicles indie label Stones Throw Records, known for its eclectic talent. DJ Peanut Butter Wolf founded the label with friends in 1996; the label has been credited with reviving vinyl and serving as a creative hotbed for the diverse styles that are its ethos

  • Paradise: Hope

    Paradise: Hope

    The final act in Ulrich Seidl’s ambitious “Paradise trilogy,” Paradise: Hope finds virginal 13-year-old Melanie at a fat camp, where she will develop a crush on a middle-aged physician. Seidl’s latest is every bit as frontal, challenging and powerful as its two predecessors.

  • 2 Autumns 3 Winters

    2 Autumns 3 Winters

    With this quirky French indie centering on the romantic lives of three 20- and 30-something Parisians, writer-director Sébastien Betbeder has crafted an intimate viewing experience in which the actors confess directly to the camera. 2 Autumns, 3 Winters feels very of-the-moment

  • 20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg

    20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg

    Gay couple Sjors and Bert lives are upended when Sjors’s 15-year-old biological son arrives for an extended stay, after one of his lesbian mothers is accidentally injured. The deftly comic 20 Lies is ultimately about learning how to be a family, whatever that might mean

  • 8-Ball


    The very gritty 8-Ball tells the story of an incarcerated mother of an infant, who, upon parole, struggles to leave her drug-addled past behind. Director Aku Louhimies fills his affecting, expressionistic feature with on-screen narcotic use, extreme violence, and graphic sex

  • All Together Now

    All Together Now

    A motley crew of teenagers and 20-somethings flock to a concert in the woods, where they encounter both their inner and outer demons in a coming-of-age tale stripped bare of production values but subtly infused with both the comedy of obsession and the drama of its consequences

  • The Almost Man

    The Almost Man

    Winner of the Grand Prix Crystal Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Martin Lund’s The Almost Man depicts 30-something Henrik struggling to come to terms with his arrested development as adulthood quickly takes hold

  • American Mustang

    American Mustang

    Presented in 3-D with narrative interludes, this impassioned, locally produced documentary by Monty Miranda (Skills Like This, SDFF 30) examines the plight of wild horses in the American West—literally a dying breed—while considering their place in the national psyche

  • An American Terror

    An American Terror

    Josh wakes each day to a series of hells, with little to live for between uncaring parents and school bullies. After a brutal event and online humiliation, he and his friends plot revenge via a homecoming massacre. Searching for weapons, they find a man who perpetuates a far more murderous darkness

  • The Animal Project

    The Animal Project

    Seven struggling actors seek inspiration in this quirky film written, directed, and produced by Ingrid Veninger. Trying to lose their complacency, the misfits, led by crestfallen Leo, go on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery by wearing giant animal costumes

  • Animation Station Competition

    Animation Station Competition

    Using traditional animation techniques, participants will help create a short film. Budding animators are invited to show up with a creative mind-set and a willingness to explore

  • Animation Station Screening

    Animation Station Screening

    A screening of the short animated films created during the 2013 animation station workshops. Using traditional animation techniques, participants created a short film in a one day workshop for budding young animators (ages 6-17)

  • Animation Station Workshop Ages 6-11

    Animation Station Workshop Ages 6-11

    Using traditional animation techniques, participants will help create a short film. Budding animators are invited to show up with a creative mind-set and a willingness to explore

  • Animation Station Workshop Ages 12-up

    Animation Station Workshop Ages 12-up

    Using traditional animation techniques, participants will help create a short film. Budding animators are invited to show up with a creative mind-set and a willingness to explore

  • The Armstrong Lie X

    The Armstrong Lie X

    Alex Gibney documents the meteoric rise and tragic fall of cycling’s most prominent figure, Lance Armstrong. What began as an account of Armstrong’s return to cycling three years after retirement ultimately became an incisive look at the pitfalls of ambition and hypocrisy

  • At Middleton

    At Middleton

    Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga give standout performances as parents who meet while attending a college admissions tour with their kids. The time-pressed professionals find the tour useless and opt for their own campus crash course.

  • Austrian Avant-Garde Package

    Austrian Avant-Garde Package

    Six short works from some of Austria's most talented cutting-edge filmmakers

  • Bending Steel

    Bending Steel

    Dave Carroll documents Chris “Wonder” Shoeck’s obsession with the ancient art of bending steel. A loner, Schoeck yearns to be a Coney Island strongman, but fears public performance and failure. This moving film captures his self-doubt and ultimate triumph as he joins a community of powerful men

  • Black Cloud

    Black Cloud

    Actor Rick Schroder makes his directorial debut with this inspiring drama set in the American Southwest. Black Cloud (Eddie Spears) is a young Native American who grew up in a violent household and is still struggling to come to terms with his family and his heritage

  • Blue Ruin X

    Blue Ruin X

    Jeremy Saulnier’s darkly comic thriller about a beach bum who returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of revenge premiered at Cannes. A fumbling assassin on a reckless mission, Dwight fights to protect his family, even as he gets deeper into a family feud

  • Borgman


    Never refuse a bath to those who dwell below the earth. They will transform your sacred family life into a Grand Guignol for no other reason than their malevolent amusement. The chilling aspect of Alex van Warmerdam’s Cannes selection is the household’s complete consent

  • The Bounceback

    The Bounceback

    Moving on is difficult enough after a meaningful relationship. High jinks in one Austin weekend, the Air Sex World Championships, puking during coitus, badmouthing an ex’s genitals, and finding new romance akin to a young Jon Voight make it downright impossible

  • Brave Miss World

    Brave Miss World

    This heartbreaking documentary follows Miss World 1998 Linor Abargil on her journey as an advocate for rape survivors. She and director Cecelia Peck shed light on the struggle rape survivors face with themselves, their family, society, and the law

  • Burning Bush

    Burning Bush

    In 1969, Jan Palach saw the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia as a huge problem, so much so that he set himself on fire in protest. This dynamic three-part miniseries from politically driven Academy Award nominee Agnieszka Holland chronicles the catalytic drama of his sacrifice

  • Bushido Man

    Bushido Man

    Choreographed like a masterwork of the genre, this martial arts spoof follows a devotee who does the bidding of his master, battling seven masters with different weapons to gain the fighting secrets of each discipline. In the end, his master gives him one terrible last challenge

  • Caucus


    AJ Schnack documents the competitive 2011-2012 Iowa Republican caucuses, featuring a full slate of candidates vying for the nomination to go up against President Obama. Viewers get a fly-on-the-wall look at the backroom strategizing, as well as the candidates’ public personas

  • The Closed Circuit

    The Closed Circuit

    Inspired by real events, The Closed Circuit is a political thriller about the persecution of three entrepreneurs by Gdansk’s (formerly Communist) old guard. Made exclusively with private funds, Rysazrd Bugajski’s smartly shot feature was a big box-office hit in Poland

  • Cold Comes the Night

    Cold Comes the Night

    A story about desperation and survival, Cold Comes the Night pits a lonely single mother (Alice Eve) against a near-blind career criminal (Bryan Cranston) in the search for a missing bag of money, the avoidance of a crooked cop, and the hope for a better life

  • Cold Turkey

    Cold Turkey

    Peter Bogdanovich’s low-key patriarch, with a penchant for white wine on ice in a highball glass, hosts the obligatory holiday gathering. Adult kids from different marriages vie for his help, asking large sums of money for controversial reasons, in Will Slocombe’s indie dramedy

  • Colorado Film School Showcase

    Colorado Film School Showcase

    Five short works from some of Colorado’s most talented student filmmakers

  • Days and Nights

    Days and Nights

    A fading movie star brings her paramour to her lakeside estate to visit her ailing brother and fledgling-artist son. As the eccentric family and their caretakers gather for Memorial Day, reckless desire wreaks havoc and a disastrous turn of events leads from dysfunction to heartbreak

  • Desert Runners

    Desert Runners

    Desert Runners follows a collection of brave souls attempting the 4Desert Ultramarathon Series across the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Gobi Desert in China, the Sahara in Egypt, and a 150-mile footrace across the single most inhospitable landscape in the world: Antarctica

  • Doomsdays


    A real discovery, director Eddie Mullins’s first feature employs long-take setups to tell the comedic story of serial home invaders in the Catskills. Co-starring Justin Rice and Leo Fitzpatrick, Doomsdays is a genuinely anarchic work of the “pre-apocalypse.”

  • EAT


    Does biting your own nails make you a cannibal? Starz alum Jimmy Weber’s feature debut screams, “Yes!” With the right mixture of camp gore and intelligent metaphor, EAT comments on the modern struggle to make it in a “consumer” society

  • The Enemy Within

    The Enemy Within

    Kostas is a leftist and a loving father to two teenagers in suburban Athens. But after masked thugs break into his home and rape his daughter, he takes the law into his own hands, abandoning his ideals, alienating his family, and bringing even more violence into their lives

  • Eternal Amazon

    Eternal Amazon

    Since the Industrial Revolution, “progress” has been synonymous with vanquishing nature, but now we know the future of man lies in a sustainable existence. The Amazon, often under assault by nightmarish exploitation, is making a comeback. Destructive agriculture is history

  • An Evening with Lewis Klahr

    An Evening with Lewis Klahr

    Lewis Klahr will be presented with the 2013 Stan Brakhage Award by Phil Solomon on Sunday, November 10, at the Sie FilmCenter following the screening of several of his films. A reception in his honor follows

  • A Field In England

    A Field In England

    A spacious meadow in 1600s Britannia serves as an existential arena fueled by hallucinogenics. Surreal circumstances and Tarkovsky-like imagery lead up to a psychedelic climax of cinematographic awe. Embrace the ambiguity and fear not the abyss

  • The Fifth Season

    The Fifth Season

    When winter never leaves a remote farming community, its inhabitants face a cascade of mysterious and dramatic failures of nature that bring them to the brink of starvation. Human bonds cannot hold. All that’s left are superstition and startling beauty after terrible loss

  • The Final Member X

    The Final Member X

    Siggi’s dream is to include a human specimen in his phallus museum. Two men are competing to be the first; one is a promiscuous Icelandic legend, the other an American who tattoos the flag on his organ and is willing to remove it antemortem

  • First Look Domestic 1: Shorts from the Heart

    First Look Domestic 1: Shorts from the Heart

    A program of six short films about emotions and decisions

  • First Look Domestic 2: By Force of Character

    First Look Domestic 2: By Force of Character

  • First Look International 1: Surface Tensions

    First Look International 1: Surface Tensions

  • First Look International 2: Foreign Desires

    First Look International 2: Foreign Desires

  • First Look International 3: Conflicts of Interest

    First Look International 3: Conflicts of Interest

  • Forty Years from Yesterday

    Forty Years from Yesterday

    When Bruce’s wife dies unexpectedly and he is overcome with sorrow, his desperation is juxtaposed with coolness of the undertaker and the reactions of family members. This minimalist film uses cinematography, not dialogue, to create a rich exploration of the expressions of grief

  • A Fragile Trust:  Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

    A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

    Samantha Grant scrutinizes not only Jayson Blair’s plagiarism and deceit during his tenure at The New York Times, but also the journalistic integrity of the bureaucratic newspaper system. How could his copious fabrications and errors have been overlooked?

  • Generation War

    Generation War

    This gripping two-part epic, eight years in the making for German television, follows five young men and women through the tribulations of World War II. The once fun-loving, close-knit group will come to face not only unspeakable atrocities but their own role therein

  • The Girl and Death

    The Girl and Death

    In this beautifully shot period piece, an elderly man returns to a once-opulent but now abandoned hotel, where he relives his ill-fated love affair of half a century earlier with a beautiful and very complicated kept woman. Through flashbacks, their tragic romance is recounted

  • The Girl from the Wardrobe

    The Girl from the Wardrobe

    In this unusual love story about two brothers and their moody, suicidal next-door neighbor, Jacek’s personal life is cramped because he has to watch his mentally challenged brother like a hawk. When a haughty neighbor won’t do it, Jacek gets the unhinged Magda to babysit Tomek

  • Gloria


    Star Paulina Garcia was honored as best actress at this year’s Berlin Film Festival for her work in this soulful charmer from Chilean director Sebastian Lelio, driven by a title character who defies the dreary, narrow stereotypes society has forced upon women of a certain age

  • Go Down Death

    Go Down Death

    Aaron Schimberg’s grimly comedic first feature portrays life in a nihilistic nowhere, populated by disfigured card players, disinterested prostitutes, and child grave diggers. This experimental and deeply stylized work of neo-Dada is as daring as indie cinema gets

  • Gold Fever

    Gold Fever

    For centuries, gold has remained a symbol of wealth and power. Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in the Guatemalan highlands posts record profits, but for locals, gold frenzy can mean intimidation, pollution, even murder. Three women defend their ancestral lands, whatever the consequences

  • Great Chicken Wing Hunt

    Great Chicken Wing Hunt

    Matt Reynolds leaves a successful career abroad, returning to the United States to document his search for the perfect chicken wing. With an eclectic group of wing aficionados, he sets out on a roller coaster ride that traverses New York and explores wing culture in America

  • Grigris


    In this elegantly photographed Cannes prize-winner from Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, one of the most important African directors of the past 20 years, an aspiring, partially paralyzed dancer imperils his life and that of his prostitute girlfriend after an ill-conceived double-cross

  • Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

    Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

    A mesmerizing biographical portrait of this year’s John Cassavetes Award recipient, Harry Dean Stanton, with Harry Dean Stanton in person to receive the award.

  • Here Was Cuba

    Here Was Cuba

    The world was almost annihilated in October 1962. This is not science fiction but the Cuban Missile Crisis, a history lesson that should not be forgotten because more countries today have these bombs and “there is no room for error with a nuclear weapon.”

  • Hide Your Smiling Faces

    Hide Your Smiling Faces

    The New Directors Award Winner A hit at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Daniel Patrick Carbone’s debut feature sketches two brothers’ sudden coming-of-age after a friend’s mysterious death. Richly naturalistic in its performances and its lush rural setting, the film heralds Carbone as a d

  • House with a Turret

    House with a Turret

    Eva Neymann’s richly textured piece of old-school humanist art cinema builds its World War II-era narrative and visual perspective around a resourceful boy who must navigate an urban space as his mother lies dying. Pola X’s Yekaterina Golubeva co-stars in her final film role

  • I Learn America

    I Learn America

    This documentary follows five young immigrants at a public high school in New York City dedicated to teaching newly arrived students from over 50 countries. They face the task of learning a new language and culture alongside the usual challenges of adolescence

  • I Sing Beijing

    I Sing Beijing

    I Sing Beijing follows Hao Jiang Tian, a Chinese-born opera singer, as he tackles his dream to organize a trip for young Western singers to travel to China, learn Mandarin, and perform live before an audience of thousands

  • I Will Be Murdered

    I Will Be Murdered

    Recorded before his death, Rodrigo Rosenberg’s political statement accuses Guatemala’s president of his murder and nearly brings down the government. Justin Webster’s documentary follows the twists and turns of the subsequent investigation with the intensity of a spy novel

  • If You Build It

    If You Build It

    Patrick Creadon and Christine O’Malley document a group of high-school students in rural North Carolina who take a design/build class taught by designers Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller with the aim of reviving and rebuilding their economically depressed community

  • Ilo Ilo

    Ilo Ilo

    Recipient of the Camera d’Or prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Anthony Chen’s assured first feature depicts the day-to-day drama of a middle-class Singapore family and their live-in Filipina maid. Ilo Ilo is as heartfelt as it is quietly devastating

  • In Hiding

    In Hiding

    What begins as a typical World War II movie becomes a tense Hitchcockian thriller. With the Germans invading Poland, a photographer hides a young Jewish woman in the basement, much to his daughter’s consternation. After his arrest, the women form an increasingly obsessive bond

  • In Real Life

    In Real Life

    The Internet has transformed interpersonal relationships, from meeting to cheating. We are accessible 24/7, yet may not be present in the moment to make the correct choices. People require human contact, but are we the same online as we are In Real Life?

  • In the Name Of

    In the Name Of

    Malgorzata Szumowska’s fifth feature is the story of Adam, a Catholic priest who has been transferred to a rural village. In addition to his church duties, Adam manages a center for disadvantaged young boys. But something he is hiding threatens to destroy his life as a priest

  • Industry Pass

    Industry Pass

  • The Kill Team

    The Kill Team

    Dan Krauss directs this doc about Spc. Adam Winfield, a soldier in Afghanistan whose platoon called itself “The Kill Team.” Members of intentionally killed civilians and planted evidence, but when he threatens to out their crimes, Winfield is charged with premeditated murder

  • La Jaula de Oro

    La Jaula de Oro

    Three teenagers—two boys and a girl disguised as a boy—set off from the peaceful jungles of Guatemala to find a better life in the United States but instead encounter the cruelties of both migration officials and the gangs of thugs who exploit those headed north

  • Labor Day

    Labor Day

    Labor Day centers on 13-year-old Henry, who struggles to be the man of his house and care for his reclusive mother. Henry and his mother encounter Frank Chambers, a man clearly in need of help.

  • The Land that Feeds Us Presented by Hanna Ranch

    The Land that Feeds Us Presented by Hanna Ranch

    Hanna Ranch, an “Environment in Focus” documentary selection, introduces us to holistic ranching pioneer Kirk Hanna. Dubbed the original “eco-cowboy,” his legacy lives on in the sustainable ranching movement – which is up against grim statistics

  • Le Week-End

    Le Week-End

    At a crucial crossroads in their marriage, a couple revisit Paris, the site of their honeymoon 30 years earlier. Breathlessly combining comedy and raw emotional drama, Le Week-End also features one of the most touching homages in ages in its concluding nod to Jean-Luc Godard

  • Lion Ark

    Lion Ark

    A punchy behind-the-scenes documentary produced by activist group Animal Defenders International, Lion Ark presents the dramatic rescue and relocation of 25 African lions from illegal Bolivian circuses. The story ends happily in Colorado for the tragically mistreated creatures

  • A Long and Happy Life

    A Long and Happy Life

    When a citified gentleman farmer faces eviction from his leased land, he succumbs to the supposedly steadfast loyalty of his workers who want him to stay, only to discover that their passionate declarations count for nothing when faced with the wrath of local government officials

  • Lovely Louise

    Lovely Louise

    Andre lives with his octogenarian mother, Louise, once a would-be movie star. His life revolves around her routine, and he flies model airplanes in his spare time. He wants to date Steffi, but responsibilities get in the way. Then a stranger turns their lives upside down

  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

    Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

    The fact-based story of Nelson Mandela’s life draws on his own detailed memoir, taking him from his roots in the rural hills of South Africa to almost three decades in prison before he triumphs as president of the country that so brutally suppressed the cause of racial equality

  • The Marathon

    The Marathon

    Not realizing how long a marathon really is, four pals glibly make a bet with a sponsor that they can finish the Rotterdam race in order to save the garage they love. Poor diets, relationships and inner demons are no obstacles for their hilariously heartfelt perseverance

  • Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did for Love

    Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did for Love

    This valentine to one of the most prolific composers of our age is a lesson in how it is done. Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli and others recall Hamlisch’s legacy, especially his adage that “if you don’t know how to write with heart, it never connects.”

  • Matterhorn


    A dour widower and a mentally impaired drifter end up relying on each other more and more as the strict Christian townspeople turn from neighborly disapproval to outright interventionists in this highly entertaining Dutch black comedy. Director Diederik Ebbinge achieves a surprising psychological co

  • Mayor of the Sunset Strip

    Mayor of the Sunset Strip

    Through the glitter and the grunge, from The Monkees to Coldplay, Rodney Bingenheimer--a.k.a. Rodney on the ROQ--has reigned over the Los Angeles music scene for over two decades.

  • A Messenger from the Shadows

    A Messenger from the Shadows

    A one-person piece for the “man with a thousand faces.” Silent-horror-film icon Lon Chaney was the son of deaf-mute parents, and thus perfected pantomime as a child. He rose to fame as a master of disguise with a penchant for grotesque appearances and torturous contortions

  • Michael H., Profession: Director

    Michael H., Profession: Director

    Yves Montmayeur’s intimate portrait of the acclaimed and controversial filmmaker Michael Haneke offers exceptional insight into the Austrian’s searing body of work. Michael H. is must for fans of Caché, The White Ribbon, and this spring’s Oscar winner, Amour

  • Miracle


    Ela, a 15-year-old Slovakian girl, is forcibly institutionalized by her mother and her mother’s new lover. She learns she’s pregnant, leading her to seek out her drug-addicted boyfriend. Michaela Bendulova is outstanding in this Dardennesque story of despair and redemption

  • Mistaken for Strangers X

    Mistaken for Strangers X

    Tom Berninger’s film is not your typical music doc. When his older brother Matt, vocalist for indie rock band The National, invites him to join a big tour as roadie, Berninger brings his camera. Polar opposites, the brothers reconnect in this poignant look at sibling rivalry

  • Molly Maxwell

    Molly Maxwell

    Sara St. Onge directs this coming-of-age tale about a teen attending a private arts school where she flounders in a sea of creative types. Her parents push her to be extraordinary; Molly decides her project will be to seduce her worldly teacher—jeopardizing both their futures

  • Monkey King

    Monkey King

    A Hong Kong opera filmed in 3-D with a cast of more than 70 performers, incredibly intricate costuming, and a rock-and-roll update, the one-of-a-kind Monkey King will have you looking at theater in a whole new way

  • Morning Star

    Morning Star

    With a cast including Holy Motors’s Denis Lavant, Betty Blue’s Beatrice Dalle, César Award winner Tcheky Karyo, and punk godfather Iggy Pop, Morning Star tells the hallucinatory story of a small circus company, beset by rivalry, as its members set up camp beside the North Sea

  • Mother, I Love You

    Mother, I Love You

    Twelve-year-old Raimonds’s time alone while his mother is at work leads him to dabble in petty crime. Janis Nords’s striking film about a boy on the edge of adolescence whose web of lies begins to unravel won top prizes at Berlin and LAFF, and is on track for an Oscar nomination

  • Music Video Mixtape Vol. 1

    Music Video Mixtape Vol. 1

    New this year, SDFF presents a selection of the best new music videos from around the world. This compilation features funny, provocative, and mesmerizing videos in a wide range of genres, featuring local, international, indie, and industry-staple talent. These beg to be seen on the big screen.

  • My Naked Diary

    My Naked Diary

    Based on a best-selling novel by 17-year-old Johana Rubinova, My Naked Diary tells Johana’s bittersweet story as she navigates new love and heartbreak, matters of paternity, and the adult problems of her finely sketched circle of friends

  • Naked Harbour

    Naked Harbour

    Director Aku Louhimies creates a series of parallel stories taking place in a Helsinki neighborhood during one winter week. An episodic film with intertwined stories about families and individuals, children and adults, Naked Harbour is, at its base, a film about needing to be loved.

  • Nebraska


    After receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail, a cantankerous father (Bruce Dern) thinks he’s struck it rich and is determined to make the 750-mile journey to the sweepstakes company’s office in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

    No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

    Nobel-nominated filmmaker Callum Macrae documents the Sri Lankan government’s war crimes against its own people in 2009. Officials deny killing some 70,000 civilians; this film raises awareness in the international community, which must ensure the guilty are held responsible

  • Northwest


    Micheal Noer follows his 2010 prison film R with a Danish drama following two brothers through the crime-ridden area of Northwest. Working for a big player, they are thrown into a dark world of drugs and prostitution, and must decide which bonds are stronger, family's or crime's.

  • One Chance

    One Chance

    Starz's People's Choice Award - Narrative Feature Paul Potts was a very talented singer whose extreme lack of self-confidence kept his gifts locked away for most of his life, until he stepped onto the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent” and earned the coveted respect of the judges and audience—a

  • The One Who Loves You

    The One Who Loves You

    Myriad Denver actors compose this 1970s-set homage to the New Hollywood era. A con man inspires a failed vocalist to give her dream another chance. She must choose between the safety of her hometown and risking it all in Nashville

  • Out of the Furnace

    Out of the Furnace

    From Scott Cooper, the critically acclaimed writer and director of Crazy Heart, comes a gripping and gritty drama about family, fate, circumstance, and justice. Russell Baze (Christian Bale) works a dead-end job at the local steel mill by day and cares for his terminally ill father by night

  • Papusza


    This black-and-white period biopic depicts the life of Bronislawa Wajs, the Roma poetess known as “Papusza” (“Doll” in Romani). Raised in closed Roma society, she breaks barriers by becoming a poet, but suffers the consequences when she is shunned by her clan

  • Philomena


    An aging Irishwoman (Judi Dench) finds an unlikely ally in a former BBC journalist as she tries to locate the son she bore in 1952 in what was essentially a Catholic workhouse. The church’s punitive midcentury attitude is followed by stonewalling about the adoption later

  • Reel Social Club Member Sneak Peak

    Reel Social Club Member Sneak Peak

    Reel Social Club Members Only Free Sneak Screening!

  • The Reel Social Club Package: A VIP Experience

    The Reel Social Club Package: A VIP Experience

    Reel Social Club's Full Festival Experience

  • Regis presents: Doomsdays

    Regis presents: Doomsdays

  • Regis presents: Eternal Amazon

    Regis presents: Eternal Amazon

  • Regis presents: The Kill Team

    Regis presents: The Kill Team

  • Remote Area Medical

    Remote Area Medical

    Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman’s documentary shows how dedicated volunteers and medical staff administer free health care to America’s working poor. In a makeshift “hospital” set up at a Tennessee NASCAR track, patients share their heartrending stories

  • The Resurrection of a Bastard

    The Resurrection of a Bastard

    Equal parts Tarantino, The Sixth Sense, and European art film, The Resurrection of a Bastard tells the intermittently comic story of an outlandishly brutal Dutch gangster transformed by a near-death experience. Adapted by the filmmaker from his own graphic novel

  • The Retrieval

    The Retrieval

    Late in the Civil War, a boy is sent north by bounty hunters to retrieve a fugitive freeman. The most recent in a dynamic new cycle treating the slave experience, director Chris Eska’s sophomore feature has been racking up prizes across the festival circuit since its SXSW debut

  • Ring of Water

    Ring of Water

    Two boxers prepare for a make-or-break bout as challenges continue to mount outside the ring. Shot and edited in an evocative vérité style, this candid Sicilian-set drama provides a perceptive look into the everyday struggles of Italy’s multi-ethnic working poor

  • Salma


    One village in southern India locks its adolescent girls up when they hit puberty, not allowing them to see the outside world until marriage. Refusing these customs, Salma remained incarcerated for 25 years and went on to become an esteemed Tamil poet

  • Sarah Prefers to Run

    Sarah Prefers to Run

    Offered a running scholarship at a top university, Sarah ditches her unsupportive mom and moves away to college with her friend Antoine. The pair decide to marry to qualify for benefits, but Sarah has only one passion: to run. Chloe Robichaud’s film debuted at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

  • SDFF 36 Patron Package

    SDFF 36 Patron Package

    For a festival this big you need an all-access pass

  • The Search for Emak Bakia

    The Search for Emak Bakia

    The Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary Film Winner This endlessly enchanting experimental doc seeks an answer to the origins of Man Ray’s mysterious 1926 Basque-language film. Oskar Alegria’s fascinating investigation uncovers an incidentally connected cast of real-world Romanian pr

  • Sex, Drugs & Taxation

    Sex, Drugs & Taxation

    An ultra-horny tourism mogul and a genius revolutionary lawyer team up to rock Denmark in the decadent 1960s. Based on “real and unreal” events, this biopic lets us watch as the two scare a gorilla with an erection, crusade for tax evasion, hold sex contests on TV, and savor LSD

  • She Wolf

    She Wolf

    It’s like Truffaut meets Herschell Gordon Lewis, with a smidge of Buñuel. The she-wolf of Buenos Aires likes her Argentine meat extremely rare. Our horny heroine tracks men down, does them, and then does them in

  • Shorts 1: Close Encounters of the Animated Kind

    Shorts 1: Close Encounters of the Animated Kind

    For the program that is always a favorite for adult animation fans, this year’s selections provide enchanting stories using hand-drawn images, collage, found objects, stop motion, computers, and a great deal of imagination

  • Shorts 2: Stories We Tell

    Shorts 2: Stories We Tell

    This lively collection of films may use varied techniques—animation, interviews, voice-over, inventive cinematography—but all share a great insight and compassion about nature, creativity, and the human condition.

  • Shorts 3: Beyond Boundaries

    Shorts 3: Beyond Boundaries

    The stories come from four very different continents, but all deliver insight into the vital connections that transcend words, sight, music, danger, love, and geography

  • Shorts 4: Talking 'bout Love

    Shorts 4: Talking 'bout Love

    Ah, love … the most complicated four-letter word in our language

  • Soft in the Head

    Soft in the Head

    After splitting with her abusive boyfriend, lost soul Natalia crashes a friend’s Orthodox family gathering before drunkenly disappearing onto the streets of New York City. Staying at a halfway house for homeless men, Natalia wreaks havoc on everyone who crosses her path

  • Teenage


    It seems odd that the official definition of “teenager” coincided with the dropping of “the bomb,” thus too ushering in the postmodern era. Fusing experiences from British, U.S., and German youth 1904-1945, this filmic bricolage reveals the eerily cyclical nature of generational discord

  • The Demon's Rook

    The Demon's Rook

    The devil went down to Georgia to rouse up some zombies, goth pagan rednecks, and Bovine Fantasy Invasion action. Splatter takes precedence over story, in true midnight movie mayhem fashion, with the old-school practical effects die-hard fans savor

  • Tim's Vermeer

    Tim's Vermeer

    A video wizard sets out to determine whether Johannes Vermeer used the technology of his day to achieve the extraordinary quality of light and detail in his paintings. He works obsessively to create exact replicas of Vermeer’s studio and pigments, then takes up the brush himself

  • To the Woods

    To the Woods

    Residing with her persecuted New Age parents on the outskirts of a rural village, pubescent, nymph-like Anyna forges a relationship with a local ranger. Set in a semi-fantastical forest, the enchanting To the Woods is a comic celebration of Bohemia’s surviving flora and fauna

  • Torn Cloth

    Torn Cloth

    A tough old Thai soldier and his wife train orphan boys in Muay Thai boxing, the most extreme form of which is essentially bare-knuckled, full-body fighting. It offers an escape from extreme deprivation and hope for a better life, while threatening terrible bodily harm

  • A Touch of Sin X

    A Touch of Sin X

    The Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Foreign Feature Film Winner A masterpiece, director Jia Zhangke’s fluid, four-part survey is a conceptually complete, startlingly violent look at life on China’s margins. Moving from the snowy north to the subtropical south, Jia adapts the martial-arts

  • Tricked


    Tricked attends to the infamous auteur of Robocop and Showgirls as he copes with the difficulties of producing a crowdsourced screenplay that credits an extraordinary 397 participants. Their creation, a delectably pulpy story of extramarital dalliances, follows

  • The Truth about Emanuel

    The Truth about Emanuel

    Francesca Gregorini’s indie thriller stars Jessica Biel and Alfred Molina. Troubled Emanuel becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor, Linda, who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. The pair develop a bond when Emanuel begins babysitting Linda’s newborn

  • Truth Has Fallen

    Truth Has Fallen

    Impressionistic animation accompanies voice-over accounts of three Americans wrongfully incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit. Director and USC professor Shelia Sofian challenges the hubristic misconception that we have “the greatest justice system in the world.”

  • Uranium Drive-In

    Uranium Drive-In

    Uranium Drive-In documents the proposed construction of a uranium mill in southwestern Colorado. Economically depressed Naturita wants jobs; environmentalists in the nearby resort town of Telluride are opposed. We get personal stories from those at the heart of the complex issue.

  • Vic+Flo Saw a Bear

    Vic+Flo Saw a Bear

    Awarded the celebrated Silver Bear prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Denis Cote’s dryly comic feature centers on a same-sex couple as they seek refuge in the forests of Quebec. Surrounded by a mysterious and menacing cast of locals, Vic+Flo is the work of a major emerging talent

  • VIP Opening Night Package 2013

    VIP Opening Night Package 2013

    The VIP OPENING NIGHT package includes dinner at Larimer Square plus all of the Opening Night festivities. $115 for Non-members. $105 person for DFS Members!

  • Walesa. Man of Hope

    Walesa. Man of Hope

    From celebrated director Andrzej Wajda comes Walesa. Man of Hope, a no-holds-barred portrait of former dockworker, Solidarity founder, Polish president, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa. The docudrama is Poland’s Oscar submission for best foreign-language film

  • Warriors


    Part of a Dutch television series inspired by true crimes, this dark portrayal of a doomed couple—he an abusive addict, she the desperate damsel in distress—was directed by Mijke de Jong, a longtime festival regular and SDFF 35 tribute recipient

  • We Always Lie to Strangers

    We Always Lie to Strangers

    This documentary by David Wilson and AJ Schnack (Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns) follows lively performers from the popular Bible Belt tourist town of Branson, Missouri. In a changing economic and social climate, the founding families of Branson are forced to adapt

  • The Weight of Elephants

    The Weight of Elephants

    Ostracized by his entire world, young Adrian is haunted by news of three abducted kids in a neighboring town. Coincidentally, Nicole, resembling one of the missing, moves in next-door piquing his curiosity. Together they help each other cope with abandonment and isolation

  • What Is Cinema?

    What Is Cinema?

    A perfect entry for a film festival, Chuck Workman’s documentary celebrates this treasured art form. Through investigating the true wonder of cinema, What Is Cinema? will make all of us that much more passionate of our communal yet very personal pastime, watching movies

  • When I Walk

    When I Walk

    When 25-year-old filmmaker Jason DaSilva is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he turns the camera on himself, documenting six years of living with the degenerative disease following his fall on a beach. He struggles with devastating challenges, but discovers the miracle of life

  • Who Loves You, Baby? Colorado Shorts Package

    Who Loves You, Baby? Colorado Shorts Package

  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

    Commencing as a light romantic comedy that makes imaginative use of the fantastic, Taiwanese director Arvin Chen’s second feature becomes weightier as the consequences of the film’s premise—a husband and father (Richie Ren) questions his sexual orientation—begin to emerge

  • Wrong Time Wrong Place

    Wrong Time Wrong Place

    John Appel’s documentary delves into the aftermath of the 2011 Norway massacre, exploring the seemingly random acts that allowed some victims to survive while others perished at the hands of gunman Anders Breivik. In emotional interviews, survivors describe their brush with death

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