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2015 Denver Film Festival

  • Backgammon


    NOW PLAYING exclusively at the Sie FilmCenter. Filmmaker Francisco Orvañanos will be in attendance at the 7pm screenings on Friday and Saturday March 25th and 26th to introduce the film and host post-screenings Q&A's. Directed by Vail-based filmmaker Francisco Orvañanos, part psychologi

  • Hitchcock/Truffaut


    Film historian Kent Jones brings together top directors—including Scorsese, Linklater, and Fincher—to talk about the groundbreaking series of interviews François Truffaut conducted with Alfred Hitchcock in 1962 for a book project that helped establish the man he considered the world’s best filmmaker

  • The World of Kanako

    The World of Kanako

    Disgraced former cop and estranged father Akikazu Fujishima goes searching for his missing 17-year-old daughter—who may be in trouble beyond anyone’s grasp—in this visceral, violent Japanese thriller adapted from the Akio Fukamachi novel Hateshinaki Kawaki, which demands your attention and

  • Cemetery of Splendor

    Cemetery of Splendor

    ENDS THURSDAY! Soldiers with a mysterious sleeping sickness are transferred to a temporary clinic in a former school. The memory-filled space becomes a revelatory world for housewife and volunteer Jenjira, as she watches over Itt, a handsome soldier with no family visitors. Jen befriends y

  • Sworn Virgin

    Sworn Virgin

    ENDS THURSDAY. Critics' Pick! Read the full Village Voice article here. Sworn Virgin is the story of an Albanian woman who sacrifices her femininity for

  • Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

    Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

    ENDS THURSDAY at the Sie FilmCenter. After Steven Spielberg's classic Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 35 years ago, three 11-year-old boys from Mississippi set out on what would become a 7-year-long labor of love and tribute to their favorite film: a faithful, shot-for-shot ada

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

    Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

    FREE with a purchase of a ticket to Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (opening Friday, July 1st) or Raiders of the Lost Ark screening Sunday, July 3rd at 2pm. Filmmakers and star in-attendance! In 1982, two 11-year-old friends in Mississippi set out on

  • Breaking a Monster

    Breaking a Monster

    Three African-American preteens get an uneasy taste of fame after Unlocking the Truth, their heavy-metal band, lands a major record deal. This real-life coming-of-age tale follows the trio as they juggle middle-school angst with the premature pressures of adulthood

  • 600 Miles

    600 Miles

    Taut action flick meets sociopolitical critique in this Berlinale awardee for best first feature as a young arms trafficker for a drug cartel forms an unlikely bond with the ATF agent he kidnaps (Tim Roth) on a journey from Arizona to Mexico—where danger looms over both their heads.

  • Aaaaaaaah!


    Humans live like wild apes in the midst of a present-day London neighborhood—grunting, fornicating, and fighting to kill—in this exuberantly low-budget mashup of horror, comedy, cult sci-fi, and commentary on social devolution from co-star, screenwriter, and first-time director Steve Oram

  • An Act of Love

    An Act of Love

    In 2013, United Methodist minister Frank Schaefer was defrocked for officiating at his son's same-sex wedding. Suddenly, the Reverend found himself an accidental LGBTQ activist. Considering all sides of the debate, this powerful documentary shows how the groundwork for a 2016 showdown that may

  • Aferim!


    ENDS THURSDAY. “Brilliant...Sublime!” - A.O. Scott, The New York Times “Wildly, bitterly funny...Remarkable!” - Robert Horton, Film Comment “Hugely entertaining...One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time...I would not be surprised if this showed up on my best

  • The American Letters

    The American Letters

    This biopic about Czech composer Antonín Dvorák concentrates on a pivotal moment in his life: in America at the height of his career, he learns the woman he loves—his wife’s sister—is gravely ill. Returning home, he must decide whether to reveal his secret or keep his family

  • An Evening with Nathaniel Dorsky

    An Evening with Nathaniel Dorsky

    Nathaniel Dorsky comes to Denver from the recent New York Film Festival where he received a major retrospective. The New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis called it a “must-see” body of work. She continues: “Every so often while watching the work of Nathaniel Dorsky

  • Anomalisa


    ENDS THURSDAY. Oscar Nomination: Best Animated Feature Film. Michael Stone—husband, father and respected author of “How May I Help You Help Them?”—is a man crippled by the mundanity of his life. On a business trip to Cincinnati, where he's scheduled to speak at a convention of customer se

  • Art of the Prank

    Art of the Prank

    The headline for this documentary could read, “Media prankster Joey Skaggs finally revealed!” As he prepares his most elaborate prank ever, the man who’s duped major news outlets into reporting ridiculous stories for decades finally takes center stage to share his passion for getting the media to

  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future

    Free family screening! Join Marty McFly as he travels back in time 30 years and accidentally jeopardizes his own existence in the process. With the help of his eccentric friend, Dr. Brown, he must now hatch a scheme to ensure his parents fall in love, so he can get back to the future.

  • Based on a True Story Panel

    Based on a True Story Panel

    This fall, we’ve seen or will see dramas such as Truth, the story of what transpired after CBS aired a 60 Minutes report on President George W. Bush’s military record in 2004; Steve Jobs, a look at the backstage machinations that preceded the launch of three pivotal Apple

  • Ben Zaken

    Ben Zaken

    Single father Shlomi lives in straitened circumstances with his mother, brother, and tough little daughter, who's now on the edge of puberty. Cowed by his own unlucky failures, he must find a way to make a better life for her if not himself in this stark Israeli drama

  • The Boat Builder

    The Boat Builder

    A grumpy old sailor (Christopher Lloyd) wants only to finish building his boat so he can set out to sea. But from local officials to a troubled foster kid, the world keeps intervening to test his determination to make something of his golden years in this gentle family drama

  • Body


    A widowed, hard-drinking prosecutor who is inured to the worst kinds of human misery finds himself helpless in the face of his bulimic daughter’s accelerating decline. In this dark comedy, father and child are ultimately thrown together with their only hope—a counselor whose suggestion is a séance.

  • Brooklyn


    Ellis Lacey, a young Irish immigrant, sets off for 1950s Brooklyn to chase the American Dream. Struggling to find her place, she meets a young Italian man who renews her zest for love and life. But when family tragedy strikes, she must choose between two homelands in this deep romance

  • Call Me Marianna

    Call Me Marianna

    Having negotiated cumbersome legal, medical, and family issues, Marianna finally realizes her dream of pursuing gender reassignment surgery. But on the other side of her operation, life holds surprises that would daunt anyone of any gender. This timely, award-winning documentary follows her as she

  • Camino


    Part bloodbath, part rumination on the drug wars of the 1980s, this action film directed by Josh C. Waller follows a woman in her desperate attempt to escape the Colombian jungle after she stumbles across an atrocity in the making. Zoë Bell, best known as Tarantino’s top stuntwoman, stars

  • Red Carpet Matinee: Carol

    Red Carpet Matinee: Carol

    Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven) directed this adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel, filmed in Super 16, about a love that, in the 1950s, dared not speak its name. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara play two women facing the devastating social consequences of their illicit affair

  • Censored Voices

    Censored Voices

    This remarkable documentary dwells on the complexity of Middle East history by profiling former Israeli soldiers who fought in the Six-Day War. Presented with ambivalent recorded statements they made post-victory, they reflect on their regrets and the doubts they have about the permanent changes the

  • The Champions

    The Champions

    The indictment of pro quarterback Michael Vick for his horrific part in a dog-fighting ring brought the plight of pit bulls trained to kill or be killed into the national spotlight. This riveting, heart-wrenching documentary follows several of the rescued dogs through their rehabilitation

  • Chuck Norris vs Communism

    Chuck Norris vs Communism

    This entertaining documentary explores how a Romanian smuggler of American films and his translator-accomplice put a dent in the Communist propaganda machine of the 1980s. Despite the espionage-level dangerousness of their undertaking, moments of hilarity ensue (as when the prudish film

  • El Cinco

    El Cinco

    In this smart look at midlife romance, the hot-tempered Patón is on his last legs as a Buenos Aires soccer pro. After a turn to boozing and a stint in jail, he realizes he needs a different path. But how long will his steadfast wife Ale remain by his side?

  • The Club

    The Club

    The uneasy peace that four disgraced priests have found after being banished to a remote Chilean village is disrupted when a new exile arrives—one of whose victims shows up to torment him. Acclaimed filmmaker Pablo Larraín co-wrote and directed this taut fable about the social costs of organized

  • Colorado Short Documentaries: Damaged

    Colorado Short Documentaries: Damaged

  • Colorado Short Narrative: Misdirection

    Colorado Short Narrative: Misdirection

  • Closing Night: Coming Through the Rye

    Closing Night: Coming Through the Rye

    Jamie Schwartz is having a bad senior year, but he believes things will turn around if he can get J.D. Salinger's permission to perform his theatrical adaptation of Catcher in the Rye at school. So begins his journey of discovery in this smart, coming-of-age story set in 1969

  • Containment


    What will happen to the hundred million gallons of radioactive waste produced by the Cold War? That's the question Peter Galison and Robb Moss set out to answer in this unsettling documentary, which explores what we are doing to protect future generations from one of the deadliest substances on

  • Creative Control

    Creative Control

    While testing out a Google Glass-like reality-augmenting device, an ad exec develops a fixation on someone else's girlfriend—or rather her simulacrum. David's increasing preference for technology over human interaction portends irreversible damage to his relationships and his grasp on reality

  • Creative Conversation Panel: A Master of Movie Magic

    Creative Conversation Panel: A Master of Movie Magic

    Special-effects wizard Ed Kramer has worked on such blockbusters as the Star Wars franchise and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006). He has received four Oscar nominations for his efforts on Twister, The Perfect Storm, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and

  • Creative Conversation: From Beginning to End

    Creative Conversation: From Beginning to End

    In this conversation, moderator Robert Denerstein will talk with writer/directors Josh C. Waller, Joseph Wartnerchaney and Haylar Garcia. Each of these filmmakers was responsible for every stage in the development of their respective projects, both of which are screening in the festival.

  • Crumbs


    Candy resides with his sweetheart in a bowling alley in post-apocalyptic Ethiopia, collecting the remnants of a decayed civilization. When a long-inactive spaceship on the horizon shows new signs of life, he must confront witches, Nazis, and Santa Claus to discover a new reality in this surreal

  • Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck

    Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck

    The genius of artist David Beck is revealed in this highly entertaining documentary, which chronicles his life from near-destitution to recognition by major museums while capturing him at work on the whimsical, kinetic sculptures that reflect life in miniature, eagerly sought out by collectors yet

  • Dearest


    Joining forces after their young son is kidnapped, two ex-spouses spend three years in a desperate search to find him—only to encounter a boy who doesn't recognize them and wants nothing to do with them in this social drama examining the child-abduction industry in China

  • Decay


    Local filmmaker Joseph Wartnerchaney presents a thriller based on actual events. Jonathan, whose abusive childhood has left him barely functioning with crippling OCD, returns home to find a beautiful young woman dead in his basement. He's pleased to have a companion, but the relationship falters

  • Demon


    This atmospheric ghost story with an undercurrent of absurdist humor centers on a bridegroom who stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a woman at his future father-in-law's country home. Inadvertently, he draws the dead soul to his wedding reception, where she takes possession of him

  • Denver Film Festival Awards Brunch

    Denver Film Festival Awards Brunch

    Come mingle with filmmakers, festival insiders, and fellow movie lovers over bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys at the inaugural Denver Film Festival Awards Brunch, a sit-down affair at The Curtis Hotel that will culminate with the announcement of this year's award winners

  • Der Bunker

    Der Bunker

    In this ode to cult cinema à la John Waters and David Lynch, a young man rents a room from a family with an ostensibly 8-year-old son, Klaus, whose schooling he takes over at the behest of an alien living in the matriarch’s leg. An offbeat sendup of helicopter parenting

  • Discovering the Master Panel

    Discovering the Master Panel

    Taking his cue from Francois Truffaut’s 1966 landmark book, Cinema According to Alfred Hitchcock, director Kent Jones has made a documentary in which various directors—Wes Anderson, David Fincher, Olivier Assayas, Martin Scorsese, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa among them—talk about the work of the

  • Embrace of The Serpent

    Embrace of The Serpent

    ENDS THURSDAY. Filmed on location in magnificent, breathtaking widescreen black-and-white cinematography, the heart of the Amazonian jungle is the setting for this blistering and poetic tale of the ravages of colonialism on nature and native people. Karamakate, a mystic Amazonian shaman an

  • Emelie


    When the regular babysitter can’t make it on the evening of their anniversary, a married couple hires a friend, Anna, to watch over their brood. Unfortunately for all, she turns out to be a psycho who leads the kids down some very dark and dangerous paths in this white-knuckle thriller

  • First Look 1: Men are From...

    First Look 1: Men are From...

    While we neither condemn nor condone the actions of dudes, bros, and tools, this package of shorts gives us a fist-pumping glimpse into the physical and psychological construct of masculinity

  • First Look 2: Welcome to the Machine

    First Look 2: Welcome to the Machine

    In this package of diverse shorts from around the world, we ask, are we uniquely human or just cogs in the machine

  • First Look 3: Checkmate

    First Look 3: Checkmate

    Will the moves the characters in this package of cinematic chess matches make advance their cause—or open them to an unfavorable outcome

  • First Look 4: The Love Below

    First Look 4: The Love Below

    Love may be a many-splendored thing— but it also has a dark side. These shorts explore the not only funny and tender but also painful ways that it manifests itself in the human heart

  • First Look 5: Introspection

    First Look 5: Introspection

    Re-examining deeply held beliefs can be a beneficial, if painful, undertaking. These short films from around the world contemplate the ways in which we look back at ourselves

  • First Look 6: Back to the Start

    First Look 6: Back to the Start

    This collection of shorts focuses on the ways we bounce back from adversity: from strife and war to reconciliation and love

  • Flocking


    In a rural Swedish village where conformity keeps the peace, 14-year-old Jennifer accuses classmate Alexander of sexual assault. As the community turns against her, her own family begins crumbling under the pressure. Based on a true story, this stark drama holds a critical mirror to society’s



    During the Taliban’s five-year reign in Afghanistan, taking photographs was a crime. This gripping documentary follows four photojournalists as they “re-frame” the historical narrative of their homeland by establishing a free press. A combination of cinema vérité, interviews, and archival footage

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th

    Come revisit Camp Crystal Lake, where one of the most successful horror franchises of all time began. The camp has been shuttered for 20 years—but with the arrival of a new crop of counselors, the bloodletting is about to resume. A special 35th-anniversary, 35mm screening of Friday the 13th

  • Gods


    Lukasz Palkowski directs this acclaimed biopic about Zbigniew Religa, a cardiac surgeon who performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland, challenging the medical establishment and cultural taboos in the process. With swift wit and dashing style, Gods captures a compelling moment

  • GOLAN: A Farewell to Mr Cinema

    GOLAN: A Farewell to Mr Cinema

    Director Christopher Sykes has followed Israeli movie mogul Menahem Golan’s extraordinary life since the 1980s. The final documentary in his trilogy discovers the tenderhearted man behind a movie-making empire, looking back to his Hollywood glory days and forward to the Oscar he dreamed about until

  • H.


    Two eccentric women named Helen are living out their daily lives in Troy, New York, when what seems to be a meteor crashes and sends everything spinning into quiet chaos. With hints of Greek tragedy and an atmosphere reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan, H. unfolds as an eerie, sci-fi mystery

  • Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi

    Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi

    This heart-wrenching documentary follows the family of missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi as they frantically search for their son—a mission that goes nightmarishly awry when Sunil is named a suspect in the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

  • I Saw the Light

    I Saw the Light

    Named for one of his signature tunes, this biopic paints a warts-and-all portrait of legendary country-music artist Hank Williams (convincingly played by British actor Tom Hiddleston), whose meteoric rise to fame stood in contrast to the addictions and marital woes that shaped his turbulent and

  • In Search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese

    In Search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese

    This “making-of” documentary, which is so much more, follows critically-acclaimed director Martin Scorsese into Morocco and through the foothills of the Himalayas with the Dalai Lama himself as Scorsese plans his epic 1997 film Kundun

  • In Transit

    In Transit

    In this poignant documentary, the late great Albert Maysles completes his journey of discovery as a filmmaker by train. For three days, he and his crew ride the rails across the country with a patchwork of fellow Americans who share their secret hopes, tragedies, triumphs, and philosophies on life

  • India's Daughter

    India's Daughter

    Banned in India, Leslee Udwin’s award-winning documentary about the brutal 2012 gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh on a Delhi bus—which includes interviews with the perpetrators—reveals how a patriarchal society’s rampant misogyny could lead to a crime so heinous that it sparked a nationwide

  • Karbala


    Filmed on location in the Middle East, this Iraq War drama recounts the true story of an 80-man Polish-Bulgarian unit that, running out of ammunition and confronting impossible odds, defended Karbala's City Hall against Al-Qaeda in 2004. Writer/director Krzysztof Lukaszewicz puts a non-American

  • The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor

    The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor

    The remarkable true story of Dr. Haing Ngor’s escape from the Khmer Rouge’s genocidal reign and his subsequent triumph as an actor in the 1985 Academy Award-winning The Killing Fields movingly illustrates how a sweeping ideological movement devastated the lives of the Cambodian people and the

  • Kilo Two Bravo

    Kilo Two Bravo

    A British patrol in Afghanistan finds itself trapped in a minefield from which extrication appears impossible. Based on a true story, this thriller doubles as a riveting portrait of soldiers whose smallest move could mean their deaths—and of the medic who’s risking his life to help them

  • King Georges

    King Georges

    After 40 years in business, legendary French chef Georges Perrier struggles with the changing tastes of American diners as he tries to save his renowned Philadelphia restaurant, Le Bec-Fin. Family, colleagues, and his newest protégé—Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi—bear witness to Perrier’s

  • Krisha


    On Thanksgiving Day, Krisha reunites with her family after a decades-long absence, determined to prove she is no longer the emotionally bankrupt addict they once knew. However, her plans quickly go to shambles as the pressure of going home again becomes a larger burden than she ever imagined

  • The Lady in the Van

    The Lady in the Van

    Legendary actress Maggie Smith is delightfully cantankerous as the real-life homeless woman who took up residence in the driveway of British playwright Alan Bennett—for 15 years. Based on Bennett’s memoir and play, it’s a funny, poignant crowd-pleaser about the meeting of eccentric minds

  • Lamb


    After the death of his wife, Abraham leaves his drought-laden northern Ethiopian town to seek work in Addis Ababa, putting his nine-year-old son Ephraim and Ephraim’s pet lamb, Chuni, in the care of distant relatives. Lost and lonely, Ephraim clings tightly to his beloved ovine companion while excha

  • Liza, the Fox-Fairy

    Liza, the Fox-Fairy

    In this cartoon-colorful yet pitch-black comedy from Hungarian director Károly Ujj Mészáros, lonely nurse Liza is desperate to fall in love. But as every man who gets close meets his demise, Liza becomes convinced that she’s a fox-fairy—a creature from Japanese folklore whose suitors are fated to

  • Love (2D)

    Love (2D)

    2 Shows Only! (Presented in 2D) Feeling imprisoned by life with his young wife and small child, Murphy spends the day reminiscing about the erotic, chaotic relationship he once had with ex-girlfriend Electra in this furious love story from Argentinian bad boy Gaspar Noé (Irreversible, E

  • Lucifer


    On his fall from heaven, Lucifer makes a pit stop in rural Mexico—and naturally, all hell breaks loose in his wake. Belgian filmmaker Gus Van den Berghe used a groundbreaking device called Tondoscope to present this existential allegory of paradise lost as an enclosed circle onscreen

  • Ludo


    Four horny, but innocent, teenagers in search of privacy break into a shopping mall after hours. Unfortunately, they're not alone, and the old woman who invites them to play dice has something other than fun and games in store for them in this supernatural horror flick from the acclaimed director of

  • The Measure of a Man

    The Measure of a Man

    Laid off from his factory job in middle age, Thierry struggles to support his family while holding on to his integrity. When he finally lands a position as a supermarket security guard, he faces a new struggle in this poignant French social drama: confronting people whose economic troubles he knows

  • Mediterranea


    Featuring authentic, nuanced performances by nonprofessional actors, Jonas Carpignano’s neo-realist, documentary-style debut feature paints a powerful portrait of Ayiva and Abas, two friends who make a harrowing journey from Burkina Faso to Italy in search of a better life—and puts a human face on

  • Memories of Duke

    Memories of Duke

    A music-filled tribute to the legendary composer, bandleader, and pianist Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington by late filmmaker (and longtime festival guest) Gary Keys; shot on one of his last tours, it lets Ellington’s genius speak for itself while incorporating interviews with two esteemed colleagues

  • Men Go To Battle

    Men Go To Battle

    Small’s Corner, Kentucky, 1861. When a rift grows between two brothers struggling to keep the Mellon family farm alive, Henry flees to the battlefield, leaving Frank behind. Drawing from his family’s own archives, first-time feature director Zachary Treitz weaves a sparse, engaging Civil War story

  • Mia Madre

    Mia Madre

    Italian master Nanni Moretti returns to semiautobiographical ground in this intimate dramatic comedy about a female director nearing an emotional breakdown as her beloved mother lies dying in a hospital, her relationship falls apart, and the lead actor on her latest film (a terrific John Turturro)

  • The Missing Girl

    The Missing Girl

    When his new employee and would-be crush vanishes in an all-too-familiar way, a middle-aged comic-book store owner haunted by an adolescent trauma plays amateur detective—with sharply mixed results. This quirky comedy springboards from the setup for a mystery into a late-in-life coming-of-age story

  • Mountains May Depart

    Mountains May Depart

    ENDS THURSDAY. Told in three chapters spanning 26 years and two continents, this sweeping, stirring drama by director Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin) examines the emotional and cultural fallout from China’s rapid social and economic changes via the portrayal of a family who doesn’t mak

  • The Mud Woman

    The Mud Woman

    María must leave her young daughter Teresa to return to work as a grape picker in arid northern Chile, where she is soon faced with her worst fear: a menacing supervisor from her past, Raúl. Pushed to the breaking point, María takes action in this intense drama

  • Music Video Mixtape

    Music Video Mixtape

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  • Music Video Mixtape - Local

    Music Video Mixtape - Local

  • Mustang


    ENDS THURSDAY. Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film - 2016 Academy Awards Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival 2015 Directors' Fortnight Special Presentation – Toronto International Film Festival 2015 Early summer in a village in Northern Turkey. Five free-spirited teenaged sisters

  • My All American

    My All American

    What Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock) wants most in the world is to play football. Though small, he’s got enough fight in him to catch the eye of none other than legendary University of Texas coach Darrell Royal (Aaron Eckhart), and soon enough, he’s off to Austin with his loving high-school

  • Nude Area

    Nude Area

    Two teenage girls from different walks of life explore their own awakening sensuality in a love story that's structured as visually stunning series of soundscapes, unfolding entirely without dialogue to consider the thin lines between tenderness and cruelty, longing and fulfillment, ecstasy and

  • Omo Child: The River and the Bush

    Omo Child: The River and the Bush

    The Kara people of southwest Ethiopia live a pastoral life bound by tradition. When Lale Labuko, the rare Kara to get an education, learns of the ancient practice of killing children believed to be cursed, he attempts to foment change within the tribe; his efforts are captured in this powerful

  • Once Upon a Crime: The Borrelli - Davis Conspiracy

    Once Upon a Crime: The Borrelli - Davis Conspiracy

    Here’s the astonishing true-crime story of Mike Borrelli and Bob Davis, two NYPD detectives wrongfully convicted of committing murder for a notorious mob boss while the real gunman went free. Sheldon Wilson’s documentary has it all: corruption, violence, racial injustice, loyal friendship, Elvis

  • One Floor Below

    One Floor Below

    Part of Romania’s New Wave, filmmaker Radu Muntean brings us this understated moral fable of a man facing his worst enemy: his own conscience. Patrascu, a 50-something businessman, overhears an argument between his neighbors that ends in murder. Now he must decide what to do with what he knows

  • One On One with John Turturro

    One On One with John Turturro

    As an actor whose body of work ranges from the deadly serious to the comically outrageous, John Turturro has made an indelible mark on modern American cinema. We at the Denver Film Festival are proud to present this versatile, deeply committed, and always adventurous actor with the 2015 John Cassave

  • One On One with Zoë Bell

    One On One with Zoë Bell

    Join Keith Garcia for a one-on-one conversation with actress Zoe¨ Bell. The recipient of a Rising Star Award at DFF35, Ms. Bell stars in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming The Hateful Eight as well as this year’s festival selection Camino; this discussion will center on her transition

  • Parabellum


    Against an unsettling Argentine backdrop, out-of-shape, middle-aged office workers undertake survivalist training in this quirky, elliptical darkly comic drama that amuses and disturbs by turns. Director Lukas Valenta Rinner considers how far people will go to stay alive and protect what’s theirs

  • Pause of the Clock

    Pause of the Clock

    Filmed partially in Colorado on 16mm 20 years ago but only recently completed, this meta-cinematic coming-of-age tale about two budding filmmakers (and their budding sexuality) explores the power of friendship and creativity alike as their reality and the fiction of their film-within-a-film begin to

  • Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish

    Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish

    This engaging documentary profiles Jerry Ross Barrish, a bail bondsman turned filmmaker/artist who creates sculpture from found materials. While curators sing paeans to the playfulness and humanity of his plastic works, Barrish, at age 75, struggles to find recognition in the art world

  • Princess


    Caught in an increasingly tumultuous dynamic with her mother Alma and stepdad Michael, 12-year-old Adar seeks refuge with Alan, a boy with a striking family resemblance who comes to live with them in this disturbing, but acclaimed, Israeli coming-of-age drama

  • Radical Grace

    Radical Grace

    These are not your grandmother's nuns. The sisters in this sometimes hilarious, always inspiring documentary are on a quest for social justice in defiance of the Vatican officials who denounce their “radical feminism”—at the very moment when the Catholic Church finds itself at a critical juncture

  • Rams


    When the shepherds of an isolated Icelandic valley are ordered to destroy their flocks because they are afflicted with an incurable virus, estranged brothers Gummi and Kiddi face the threat of financial extinction—and the prospect of having to work together to save the animals in this now-wry

  • Red Rose

    Red Rose

    In this heady drama that intertwines scripted scenes with real-time footage of protests and police crackdowns, Iran’s 2009 Green Movement is played out between a young pro-democracy activist and a politically complacent middle-aged man as they hide from the police in his upscale flat

  • The Rider & The Wolf

    The Rider & The Wolf

    In 2009, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Mike Rust disappeared without a trace from his off-the-grid property in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The mystery remains unsolved. Combining interviews, re-enactments, home movies, and archival footage, director/cinematographer Nathan Ward attempts to find

  • Rise of the Legend

    Rise of the Legend

    In late-1800s China, young orphan Wong Fei Hung rises up against the corrupt local bosses who have long run the town and kept the masses down in this high-octane martial-arts epic. Swirling cinematography, high-wire kung-fu stunts, and the broken bones of revenge fill the frame from start to finish

  • Run Free - The True Story of Caballo Blanco

    Run Free - The True Story of Caballo Blanco

    Micah True, a long-distance runner from Boulder, is a determined man with a single goal: to bring an ultra-marathon to the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico. This compelling documentary follows the man nicknamed Caballo Blanco as he works to preserve the running traditions among the native

  • Sailing a Sinking Sea

    Sailing a Sinking Sea

    Olivia Wyatt's mesmerizing documentary takes an insider's look at the Moken, a group of seafaring nomads hopping the islands between Burma and Thailand. As they go about their daily lives, a sense of their history, folklore, musical culture, and lifestyle as foragers and spearfishers develops

  • Sam Klemke's Time Machine

    Sam Klemke's Time Machine

    Denverite Sam Klemke began filming annual “personal status reports” as a teen in 1977—and continued for the next 35 years. His now-hilarious, now-painful and brutally honest video diaries form the basis for this charming documentary portrait of a brave soul baring it all in the selfie age

  • Sea Fog

    Sea Fog

    A taut, beautifully shot thriller from South Korea in the tradition of Heart of Darkness—but based on a true story. In desperate financial straits, a sea captain agrees to smuggle 30 Korean-Chinese immigrants on his fishing boat. Tragedy strikes when the trawler gets lost in a deep fog

  • She's The Best Thing In It

    She's The Best Thing In It

    At nearly 80, Tony-winning Mary Louise Wilson heads to Tulane University to teach drama classes for the first time in her life. This light-hearted documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at her life as well as those of such esteemed peers as Frances McDormand and Tyne Daly, onstage and

  • Shorts 1

    Shorts 1

    Showcasing themes of identity and desire, these short films range from the darkly disturbing to the boldly witty

  • Shorts 2

    Shorts 2

    These fresh, creative shorts reveal the extraordinary in the everyday

  • Shorts 3

    Shorts 3

    Regular people grapple with complex issues in this collection of thought-provoking shorts

  • Shorts 4

    Shorts 4

    A package of sci-fi, avant-garde, and horror shorts gift-wrapped for moviegoers with dark and eccentric tastes

  • Shorts 5: Close Encounters of the Animated Kind

    Shorts 5: Close Encounters of the Animated Kind

    Including award winners from Cannes, Sundance, and other 2015 film festivals, these are not your typical Saturday morning cartoons

  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul

    ENDS THURSDAY Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, and winner of four prizes at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival (including the Grand Prix)! Son of Saul is set in October 1944 at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Saul (Géza Röhrig) is a Hungarian member of the Sonderkommando, the gr

  • Songs My Brothers Taught Me

    Songs My Brothers Taught Me

    Set against the beautiful backdrop of South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, this meditative drama follows a teenaged brother and sister as they summon the strength and grace to face upheavals in their family life and work through ambivalence about how and where to make a life for themselves

  • Stinking Heaven

    Stinking Heaven

    Director Nathan Silver (Soft in the Head, DFF36; Uncertain Terms, DFF37) shot this dark ensemble piece about the dysfunctional lives of recovering addicts in a New Jersey halfway house without a script, allowing improvisation by his cast and crew to reflect the chaos surrounding the

  • The Strong Man

    The Strong Man

    Writer Henryk Bielecki is determined to become rich and famous, even if he must murder his closest friend in the process. After stealing his victim's manuscript and publishing it under his own name, Henryk soon faces an internal struggle he did not anticipate

  • Suffragette


    Suffragette is a moving drama that will empower all who are striving for equal rights in our own day and age. The stirring film, directed by BAFTA Award winner Sarah Gavron and written by Emmy Award winner Abi Morgan, is inspired by the early-20th-century campaign of the Suffragettes, who wer

  • Surviving Skokie

    Surviving Skokie

    Directed, produced, and narrated by the son of Jewish immigrants, this movingly intimate documentary examines how a proposed Neo-Nazi march in Skokie, Illinois, in the 1970s prodded a long-silent community of Auschwitz survivors to tell their stories. Ultimately, the filmmaker and his father travel

  • Tell Spring Not To Come This Year

    Tell Spring Not To Come This Year

    Hailed at the 2015 Berlinale, this moving, intense documentary tracks Afghan soldiers as they protect Helmand Province from Taliban forces. In both public and private moments, on the battlefield and off, it captures the hopes and fears of those called upon to fight an enemy even NATO couldn't defeat

  • (T)error


    Shariff is a 63-year-old former Black Panther who became an FBI informant in 1991, recruited due to his ties to the Muslim community. Through his eyes, this unprecedented documentary provides an up-close look at a counterterrorism investigation in real time—and the dramatic toll it can take on those

  • Theory of Obscurity: a film about The Residents

    Theory of Obscurity: a film about The Residents

    This intriguing documentary focuses on the anonymous, avant-garde rock band known as The Residents, examining the group's creative output (music, films, and artwork) over four decades, since its founding in the 1970s. Testimonials by Matt Groening, Penn Jillette, and other famous fans balance a

  • These Are the Rules

    These Are the Rules

    The sweetly ordinary life of a Croatian couple is upended when their teenaged son suffers a senseless beating. Let down by doctors and ignored by law enforcement, the aggrieved parents grapple with the notion that playing by the rules has only rendered them helpless in the face of tragedy

  • These Daughters of Mine

    These Daughters of Mine

    Playing on both the hilarity and the pathos of family dysfunction, this drama in the tradition of celebrated Polish filmmakers like Krzysztof Kieslowski centers on a middle-aged woman who must come to terms with her seemingly well-off but emotionally volatile sister as they confront their mother’s

  • These Things Matter Podcast

    These Things Matter Podcast

    These Things Matter is the brainchild of stand-up comedian Kevin O’Brien and former theatrical director— and future DJ to the stars—Taylor Gonda. Their popular podcast is built on the concept of High Fidelityism, which holds that pop culture can change your life

  • Three Windows and a Hanging

    Three Windows and a Hanging

    When rumors are confirmed about the rape of Kosovar women by Serbian soldiers in a remote village, members of the entrenched patriarchy first deny the truth that would shatter their world—and then blame the woman who told her story, effectively victimizing her twice. A blistering post-war drama

  • Tired Moonlight

    Tired Moonlight

    Britni West wrote, directed, produced, and edited her acclaimed narrative debut, which rests on an innovative combination of seeming documentary and dreamscape. Tired Moonlight sets overlapping story lines about people trying to make their lives work, if only for a short time, against a

  • The Touch of an Angel

    The Touch of an Angel

    This intensely personal and visually stunning Holocaust documentary uses archival photos and staged reenactments to lend a poetic atmosphere to narrator Henryk Schonker’s account of his boyhood experiences in Auschwitz. Visually and metaphorically, the scattered images reconstruct both the horror of

  • Virgin Mountain

    Virgin Mountain

    When he signs up for dance lessons, a bashful mammoth of a man finds unexpected kindness in a world that has never shown him anything but cruelty—and with it the strength to open life's doors. A piercingly tender coming-of-age story for late bloomers by Icelandic director Dagur Kàri

  • A Walk in The Park: The Joseph & Loretta Law Story

    A Walk in The Park: The Joseph & Loretta Law Story

    This celebratory documentary follows the adventures of one extraordinary couple, Joseph and Loretta Law, against the backdrop of geopolitical and economic struggle in 20th-century China and Hong Kong. Illustrating his visionary business leadership, Joseph Law’s life as a successful entrepreneur and

  • The Wanted 18

    The Wanted 18

    Combining talking-head interviews with claymation, this humorous documentary examines a real-life episode from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which 18 cows, under the watch of townspeople striving for self-sufficiency in Beit Sahour, became the focus of a military operation as a supposed

  • War of Lies

    War of Lies

    The man who told American officials that Iraq had mobile chemical-weapons labs, Rafid Ahmed Alwan, takes center stage in this thriller-esque documentary about his falsehoods and the motives behind them. Re-enactments of the disgraced informantÍs repudiated stories amp up the tension as he parries

  • Warsaw by Night

    Warsaw by Night

    Helena, Iga, Maja, and Renata—four women of different ages—travel across Warsaw in search of a human connection, unwittingly crossing paths at a nightclub called Warsaw by Night. In their nocturnal journey through the city, they are accompanied by random acquaintances and the same cab driver

  • Centerpiece: Where to Invade Next

    Centerpiece: Where to Invade Next

    Academy Award-winning director and consummate provocateur Michael Moore “invades” a host of European countries, observing the ways they deal with their social and economic ills, and brings home a refreshingly optimistic plan for America’s future. This humorous and poignant documentary is sure to get

  • A Woman Like Me

    A Woman Like Me

    Through a heartbreaking yet playfully inspiring combination of documentary and fiction, writer/director Alex Sichel simultaneously chronicles her treatment for terminal cancer, her filmmaking process, and her approach to life and death, exploring both what might have been and what will surely be

  • Women+Film Panel: Photojournalism

    Women+Film Panel: Photojournalism

    A picture can speak a thousand words—and when that picture is taken by a professional photographer to capture a subject ripped from the headlines, it can change the world. FRAME BY FRAME, a new documentary by Mo Scarpelli and Alexandria Bombach, ventures into the war-torn country of Afghanist

  • Yosemite


    Three interconnected stories by co-star James Franco form the basis for this engaging tale of three boys in suburban California circa 1985. As the world changes around them and the end of innocence nears, each must find a way to make sense of his experiences and connections to others

  • Youth


    Celebrated Italian writer/director Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty, DFF36) brings his exquisite Fellini-esque artistry to bear on this poignant comedy about two highly accomplished friends (beautifully played by Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel) who meet at a Swiss spa to talk about how the

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