Ian Cooke Video Release Party: Performance and Premiere

Ian Cooke Video Release Party: Performance and Premiere

90 Minute Running Time

Ian Cooke will release the long-awaited animated short film for his epic love story "Cassowary & Fruit Bat" at the Sie FilmCenter in Denver, Colorado on October 10th, 2013. Tickets are $30 for Non-Members, $25 for DFS Members. For tickets to the video release only, CLICK HERE

Directed by local animator Adam Singer, the video has been in progress for over two years. The story revolves around a flying mammal's attempts to win the heart of a flightless bird. Singer and Cooke built elements for the video out of organic materials, then photographed and added the elements for the final 6-minute-long animated final product.

The short film is part of a larger package including a picture book, an album, and a impressive collection of music videos, live footage, and documentaries. The package was produced by Ian O'Dougherty and will be released by Greater Than Collective.

-A $30 VIP ticket includes a viewing of the short film, a documentary about how it was made, a FREE copy of the book/CD/DVD package, AND a Q&A and intimate live solo set from Ian Cooke in the new (beautiful) Clasen screening room. LIMITED TO 35 PEOPLE. ($25 for Film Center Members)

After the live set: a public gathering with drinks, mingling, partying, and fun in Henderson Lounge, inside the film center. Elements and props from the video will be on display and for silent auction, and the book/CD/DVD, records, CDs, shirts, etc will also be on sale.

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