Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  {Ming tian ji de ai shang wo}

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Ming tian ji de ai shang wo

Taiwan, 2013, 104 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian, Drama, Family Issues, GLBT
Program: Cinema Q
Language: Mandarin Chinese English Sub-Titles

Starring Johnnie To regular Richie Ren (Breaking News) and Taiwanese pop singer Mavis Fan as a happily married couple of nine years, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?opens with Ren’s Weichung promoted to manager at the family eyeglass store in which he works, an event that is followed by the first of the film’s imaginative fantastical touches: making the promotion and his retirement official, the shop’s owner floats blissfully into the blue sky. Rising Taiwanese writer-director Arvin Chen thus sets the endearingly light, fanciful tone for the first hour or so of his romantic comedy, a film that will follow the closeted Weichung as he meets and grows closer to a handsome flight attendant, even as his wife, Feng, puts most of her energies into having the couple’s second child.

Chen’s film, however, shades toward a weightier melodrama as Weichung’s infatuation becomes more serious. In the meantime, the male lead’s sister, Mandy (Kimi Hsia), breaks it off with her fiancé, sending the sweet if impervious San-San (Asian rock guitarist Stone) into a new queer (and comedic) social sphere—not that the heartbroken San-San even notices. A second dramatic revelation will bring resolution to the film’s parallel subplot, at precisely the time that the newly empowered Feng makes a determination about her own future.

Alternately whimsical and commonplace, exuberant and even downbeat, Chen’s strong second feature ultimately emerges as an heir to the swooning cinema of Jacques Demy, Punch-Drunk Love, and, of course, Johnnie To’s Sparrow.

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DIRECTOR: Arvin Chen
Editor: Justin Guerrieri
Screenwriter: Arvin Chen
Cinematographer: Shao-Yu Hsia
Principal Cast: Richie Ren, Mavis Fan

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