Starz FilmCenter 2008

Starz FilmCenter 2008

2008 Starz Film Center Archives
Films opening on or after January 1st

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  • An Evening With Crispin Glover

    An Evening With Crispin Glover

    180 min. The Denver Film Society proudly welcomes cult actor/filmmaker/artist Crispin Glover to the Starz FilmCenter for THREE nights! April 18, 19 at 8:00pm and April 20 at 7:00pm Tickets are $20 and includes admission to the "Big Slide Show" presentation, the film What Is It?, the Q&A and book si... more
  • An Evening With Frank Marshall

    An Evening With Frank Marshall

    141 min. Tuesday, April 22 - 7:00pm Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy are two of the most important producers in Hollywood. Their extensive list of films include the Indiana Jones pictures (and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), the Jurassic Park ... more
  • Bab'Aziz:  The Prince That Contemplated His Soul

    Bab'Aziz: The Prince That Contemplated His Soul

    Tunisia , 2005 , 96 min.
    Director: Nacer Khemir A visual poem of incomparable beauty, this masterpiece from writer/director Nacer Khemir begins with the story of a blind dervish named Bab'Aziz (Parviz Shahinkhou) and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar (Maryam Hamid). Together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that t... more
  • Beaufort


    Israel , 2007 , 132 min.
    Director: Joseph Cedar ENDS Thursday, April 3! Winner of the 2007 Berlin Film Festival's Best Director award, and a Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Beaufort chronicles the final days of an Israeli army unit's tense, painful withdrawal in 2000 from a strategic bunker inside a 12th century Crus... more
  • Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

    Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

    USA , 2007 , 117 min.
    Director: Sidney Lumet Now Playing! Master filmmaker Sidney Lumet (Network, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico) directs an absorbing suspense thriller about a family facing the worst enemy of all—itself. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Andy, an overextended broker who lures his younger brother Hank (Ethan Hawke) into ... more
  • Before The Rains

    Before The Rains

    USA , 2007 , 98 min.
    Director: Santosh Sivan ENDS Thursday, June 19 The English-language debut of acclaimed Indian director Santosh Sivan (Asoka, The Terrorist) is set in 1930s southern India against the backdrop of a growing nationalist movement. Rahul Bose stars as an idealistic young Indian man who finds himself torn between ... more
  • Bigger, Stronger, Faster

    Bigger, Stronger, Faster

    USA , 2008 , 106 min.
    Director: Christopher Bell ENDS Thursday, July 3 Why are so many of our heroes on performance enhancing drugs? From the producers of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 comes a new documentary that unflinchingly explores our win-at-all-cost culture through the lens of a personal journey. Blending comedy and path... more
  • Blindsight


    United Kingdom , 2006 , 104 min.
    Director: Lucy Walker ENDS Thursday, April 10! Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, six Tibetan teenagers set out to climb the 23,000-foot Lhakpa Ri on the north side of Mount Everest. The dangerous journey soon becomes a seemingly impossible challenge—made all the more remarkable by the fact that ... more
  • A Celebration of Courage

    A Celebration of Courage

    2008 Starz FilmCenter Special Program: A Celebration of Courage: The Little Rock 9 The Little Rock Nine were a group of African-American students who were enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. The ensuing Little Rock Crisis, in which the students were initially prevented from ente... more
  • Chapter 27

    Chapter 27

    USA , 2007 , 84 min.
    Director: J.P. Schaefer ENDS Thursday, May 1! On December 8, 1980—a date with destiny that will forever be etched on the tragic history of music—Mark David Chapman (Jared Leto) shot John Lennon five times outside The Dakota, the New York apartment Lennon shared with wife Yoko Ono. Why did he do it? What compelled t... more
  • Chop Shop

    Chop Shop

    USA , 2007 , 84 min.
    Director: Ramin Bahrani ENDS Thursday, April 3! Chop Shop is the story of Alejandro (Alejandro Polanco), a twelve-year-old Latino street orphan in the "Iron Triangle," a vibrant, sprawling, industrial neighborhood teeming with auto-body repair shops, scrap yards, and garbage dumps on the outskirts of Queens, New Yo... more
  • Cinema Q: Fat Girls

    Cinema Q: Fat Girls

    USA , 2006 , 82 min.
    Director: Ash Christian Armed with biting humor and quirky sensibility, Rodney and his Rubenesque friend Sabrina are valiantly suffering through the indignity known as high school. Both are outcasts; he’s gay and she’s overweight. Trapped in a small Texas town and having come to accept his “fat girl” within, Rodney is an ... more
  • Cinema Q: Kiss The Bride

    Cinema Q: Kiss The Bride

    USA , 2007 , 90 min.
    Director: C.J. Cox When Matt receives an invitation to high school best friend Ryan's wedding he's surprised - especially that Ryan is marrying a woman! Matt plans to rescue his former love from whatever "she-devil" has trapped him into this huge mistake. On the other hand, Ryan's perky fiancé Alex takes quite the l... more
  • Cinema Q: The Living End

    Cinema Q: The Living End

    USA , 1992 , 92 min.
    Director: Gregg Araki Gregg Araki's acclaimed Outlaw Couple romance has been totally revamped in The Living End: Remixed And Remastered. A picaresque tale of two HIV-positive gay men -- one a writer, the other a studly, gun-toting drifter -- who hit the road after the drifter shoots a cop. Taking "until death due ... more
  • Cinema Q: Love Songs

    Cinema Q: Love Songs

    France , 2007 , 100 min.
    Director: Christophe Honore Christophe Honore further makes a case as one of the most exciting filmmakers of our generation with the exuberant and tender Love Songs (Les Chansons D'Amour). A modern day musical told through unforgettable songs sung entirely by the cast and scored by Alex Beaupain, the film has overjoyed ... more
  • Cinema Q: Nina's Heavenly Delights

    Cinema Q: Nina's Heavenly Delights

    United Kingdom , 2006 , 94 min.
    Director: Pratibha Parmar Nina's Heavenly Delights is a surprising love story where Scottish humor meets Bollywood spectacle! It follows the mixed fortunes of a Glaswegian family, the Shahs and their award winning Indian restaurant, The New Taj. The story is told through the eyes of Nina Shah, a young Scottish Asian ... more
  • Cinema Q: Shelter

    Cinema Q: Shelter

    USA , 2007 , 88 min.
    Director: Jonah Markowitz Forced to give up his dreams of art school, working class Zach (Trevor Wright) spends his days at a dead-end cooking job and helping his needy sister (Tina Holmes) care for her son. In his free time he likes to surf, draw and hang out with his best friend Gabe (Ross Thomas), who lives on the wealthy... more
  • Cinema Q: The Witnesses

    Cinema Q: The Witnesses

    France , 2007 , 115 min.
    Director: Andre Techine March 21 - 27 Director André Téchiné's (Wild Reeds) fast-paced and compelling story features a wonderful cast and fascinating characters, set in Paris in the mid-1980s, an era of sexual freedom. Recent parents Sarah (Emmanuelle Béart), a novelist, and Mehdi (Sami Bouajila), a vice cop... more
  • Diary Of The Dead

    Diary Of The Dead

    USA , 2007 , 95 min.
    Director: George A. Romero When a group of young filmmakers venture into the woods to shoot a low-budget horror film and discover that the dead have arisen from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living, they decide to capture the chaos on camera for the ultimate “cinema verite” experience but find that it causes more ... more
  • Diva


    France , 1982 , 118 min.
    Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix Must END Thursday, March 6! Brand New 35mm Print! Jules (Frédéric Andréi), a young Parisian postman and opera lover, sneaks a Nagra recorder into the Paris Opera House to secretly capture the voice of Cynthia Hawkins (Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez), an African-American opera superstar, worl... more
  • DocNight: Big Rig

    DocNight: Big Rig

    USA , 2007 , 120 min.
    Director: Doug Pray Director Doug Pray In-Person! Big Rig is a broad portrait of modern America as seen through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers. Spanning 21,000 miles, 45 states, and dozens of truck stops, director Doug Pray and producer Brad Blondheim (the team who created Scratch) went far b... more
  • DocNight: Bomb It

    DocNight: Bomb It

    USA , 2007 , 93 min.
    Director: Jon Reiss Director Jon Reiss In-Person! Bomb It is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti. Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writer... more
  • DocNight: King Corn

    DocNight: King Corn

    USA , 2007 , 88 min.
    Director: Aaron Woolf Director Aaron Woolf IN-PERSON! America's fast-food empire is fueled by a secret ingredient: corn. High fructose corn syrup makes the sodas sweet, corn-fed beef makes the burgers fat, and corn oil crisps the fries. As college buddies Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis find out, their junk food genera... more
  • DocNight: Manda Bala

    DocNight: Manda Bala

    USA , 2007 , 85 min.
    Director: Jason Kohn Director Jason Kohn IN-PERSON Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, and vibrant culture. However, in recent years, the country has developed more of a reputation for corrupt politicians, kidnapping, and plastic surgery. Manda Bala(Send a Bullet) artfully conne... more
  • DocNight: Meeting Resistance

    DocNight: Meeting Resistance

    USA , 2007 , 84 min.
    Director: Molly Bingham , Steve Connors Directors Molly Bingham and Steve Conners In-Person Meeting Resistance enters the physical and psychological heart of Baghdad's resistance and through the narratives of eight active "insurgents" creates an exclusive, unique, and at once horrifying, compelling and insightful film about... more
  • DocNight: The Wonder Of It All

    DocNight: The Wonder Of It All

    USA , 2007 , 83 min.
    Director: Jeffrey Roth Director Jeffrey Roth In-Person! In May 1961, President John F. Kennedy spoke the immortal words; “I believe that this nation should commit itself, to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” These words changed the l... more
  • The Duchess of Langeais

    The Duchess of Langeais

    France , 2007 , 137 min.
    Director: Jacques Rivette ENDS Thursday, May 15! Antoinette is the Duchess of Langeais, a married coquette who frequents the most extravagant balls in 1820's Paris during The Restoration, where hypocrisy and vanity reign. Upon the handsome general, Armand de Montriveau's first meeting with her, he realized it was tru... more
  • Electric Apricot

    Electric Apricot

    USA , 2007 , 92 min.
    Director: Les Claypool Must END Thursday, March 6! In the Spring of 2005 a graduate filmmaker from UCLA set forth to make a documentary reflecting an element of contemporary music culture that had yet to be fully examined. The notion was to capture something raw and original. He searched for something unpretentiou... more
  • Film And Design: Not The Usual Suspects

    Film And Design: Not The Usual Suspects

    Every Wednesday in May @ 7:00pm Nearly every film made, unless it’s simply about insects, sharks or penguins, depicts architecture, design and their relationship to human life. A shot of a house, an office, a car, a character holding a coffee cup – every one of these images involves the desi... more
  • Filmmaker Spike Lee On Campus

    Filmmaker Spike Lee On Campus

    90 min. Thursday, May 1 - 7:00pm
    Events Center on the Auraria campus.... more
  • The First Saturday in May

    The First Saturday in May

    USA , 2007 , 96 min.
    Director: Brad Hennegan , John Hennegan ENDS Thursday, May 8! This riveting documentary chronicles the journey of six diverse, hard-working trainers as they jockey for a position along the 2006 Kentucky Derby trail. Known as "the greatest two minutes in sports," the Kentucky Derby is racing's Holy Grail and every horseman's ultima... more
  • Flight Of The Red Balloon

    Flight Of The Red Balloon

    France , 2007 , 115 min.
    Director: Hou Hsiao-Hsien ENDS Thursday June 12 A mysterious red balloon affectionately follows seven-year-old Simon (Simon Iteanu) around Paris in this imaginative tale. His mother Suzanne (Juliet Binoche) is a puppeteer who uses her vocal talents to bring life to the shows she writes. Completely absorbed in her new... more
  • Global Lens 2008

    Global Lens 2008

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays March 3 - May 14 5:00pm & 7:30pm Nightly The Global Film Initiave presents GLOBAL LENS 2008 The Global Lens Film Series is an annual, touring film program of ten narrative feature films from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Each film is sel... more
  • Heavy Metal In Baghdad

    Heavy Metal In Baghdad

    USA , 2007 , 84 min.
    Director: Suroosh Alvi , Eddie Moretti FREE Screening - Tickets available at the box office ONE hour before showtime Thursday, May 29 - 7:00pm Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a feature film documentary that follows the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda from the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 to the present day. Playing heavy metal i... more
  • Holly


    USA , 2006 , 114 min.
    Director: Guy Mosche Now Playing! Shot on location in Cambodia, including many scenes in actual brothels in the notorious red light district of Phnom Pehjnh, Holly is a captivating, touching and emotional experience. Patrick (Ron Livingston), an American card shark and dealer of stolen artifacts has been... more
  • I'm Not There

    I'm Not There

    USA , 2007 , 135 min.
    Director: Todd Haynes March 7 - 13! A Double Feature with Anton Corbijn's CONTROL. One admission price. TWO Films! This highly anticipated biographical film about legendary singer and songwriter Bob Dylan follows six distinct characters, dep... more
  • In Bruges

    In Bruges

    United Kingdom , 2008 , 101 min.
    Director: Martin McDonagh ENDS Thursday, May 15! Writer/director Martin McDonagh takes audiences on a killingly funny trip to Bruges (pronounced "broozh"), the most well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium. For hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), it could be their final destination; a d... more
  • Irina Palm

    Irina Palm

    United Kingdom , 2007 , 103 min.
    Director: Sam Garbarski ENDS Thursday, May 1! Legendary pop icon and actress Marianne Faithfull stars as Maggie, a middle-aged widow who, desperate to raise money to pay for her grandson's medical bills, takes a hostess job in a London sex club. She soon transforms herself into the much sought after and highly paid... more
  • Jar City

    Jar City

    Iceland , 2006 , 93 min.
    Director: Baltasar Kormakur ENDS Thursday, June 19 An elderly man is found murdered in his basement flat. Inspector Erlendur and his crew don’t have much to go by in the investigation, but a photograph of a young girl’s grave gives them a lead. They discover that many years ago the victim was accused, though not convic... more
  • Kids First! Free Movies 2008

    Kids First! Free Movies 2008

    Embarked on a fun-filled excursion for the whole family when you attend this Saturday morning series with our guarantee: the films are rated G, and entrance is totally free. Sponsored by the Kids First! Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, the Scientific Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), Targe... more
  • The Killing of John Lennon

    The Killing of John Lennon

    United Kingdom , 2006 , 114 min.
    Director: Andrew Piddington January 18 - 24 The Killing of John Lennon is a chilling insight into the mind of Mark David Chapman, the 25 year old narcissist who gunned down John Lennon outside his Dakota apartment in New York in 1980. Meticulously researched and filmed over three years on actual locations where ... more
  • Mile High Sci-Fi 2008

    Mile High Sci-Fi 2008

    Bad movies. Good comedy. Watch in awe as the true purpose of filmdom’s biggest flops, dogs and bombs is revealed—to provide fodder for the hilarious live running commentary that distinguishes this interactive series, as a team of local comics simultaneously skewers and salutes the much-maligned like... more
  • Military Intelligence And You!

    Military Intelligence And You!

    USA , 2006 , 78 min.
    Director: Dale Kutzera Writer/director Dale Kutzera's biting satire plays out in the form of a long-lost WWII training film. He cleverly combines new and vintage scenes to dramatize the importance of knowing what we're attacking before we attack it—"for it is intelligence that distinguishes dangerous enemies from merely a... more
  • Mister Lonely

    Mister Lonely

    USA , 2007 , 112 min.
    Director: Harmony Korine ENDS Thursday, July 26 Only Harmony Korine (writer of Kids, auteur of Gummo, Julien Donkey Boy) could weave Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, her daughter Shirley Temple and flying nuns into a hypnotically funny and truly poignant tale of the instability behind fanaticism and th... more
  • The Movies That Missed Us

    The Movies That Missed Us

    Every Wednesday in June at 7:00pm Curated by Brit Withey, Artistic Director, Starz Denver Film Festival It’s no easy task pulling together a program of 175-plus films every year for the 11-day cinematic blowout that is the Starz Denver Film Festival. Sometimes, amid the planning an... more
  • My Blueberry Nights

    My Blueberry Nights

    Hong Kong , 2007 , 90 min.
    Director: Wong Kar Wai ENDS Thursday, June 5! In Wong Kar Wai's debut English language feature, the internationally acclaimed director of In the Mood for Love takes his audience on a dramatic journey across the distance between heartbreak and a new beginning. After a rough break-up, Elizabeth (songstress No... more
  • Nanking


    USA , 2007 , 90 min.
    Director: Bill Guttentag , Dan Sturman Must End Thursday, February 28! After the Japanese invaded Nanking, China in the early days of World War II, a small group of unarmed Westerners established a Safety Zone where over 200,000 Chinese found refuge. The story of these events is told through deeply moving interviews with Chinese ... more
  • Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa

    Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa

    USA , 2007 , 70 min.
    Director: Jeremy Stulberg , Randy Stulberg In 2004, disillusioned by the U.S. presidential elections and mourning the death of their father, sibling filmmakers Jeremy and Randy Stulberg decided to get away from it all, setting off on a trek into the New Mexican desert. There they stumbled upon a makeshift community that had rejected mainstre... more
  • Old School + New School: Rear Window/ Disturbia

    Old School + New School: Rear Window/ Disturbia

    240 min. Friday, June 13 - 6:00pm Two generations, both with their own ideas of "classic cinema", will watch and discuss two films seperated by decades. What does the old school think of the new school? Will the new school ever be accepting of the old school? Watch and find out! Special ticket pric... more
  • Outsourced


    USA , 2006 , 103 min.
    Director: John Jeffcoat After being sent abroad, American salesman Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) does his best to navigate the chaos of Bombay and bring an office filled with constant cultural misunderstandings up to speed on America. Unexpectedly, his team of Indian call center workers, including the charming Asha (Ayesha... more
  • Planet B-Boy

    Planet B-Boy

    USA , 2007 , 95 min.
    Director: Benson Lee ENDS Thursday, May 8! With compelling characters and vibrant dance sequences, Benson Lee's documentary feature is set in the international world of B-boying—the urban dance more commonly known as "breakdancing." An American dancer in Vegas looks for his big break; a Korean son seeks his fath... more
  • Praying With Lior

    Praying With Lior

    USA , 2007 , 87 min.
    Director: Ilana Tractman Special Presentation in cooperation with Mizel Arts & Culture Center The winner of numerous Audience Awards for Best Documentary, Praying with Lior asks whether someone with Down syndrome can be a “spiritual genius.” Many believe Lior is clos... more
  • The Price Of Sugar

    The Price Of Sugar

    USA , 2007 , 90 min.
    Director: Bill Haney On an island known for its tropical beauty, tourists flock to the resorts of the Dominican Republic. Not 10 miles away, thousands of dispossessed Haitians labor in the sugarcane fields under slave-like conditions, cutting cane that will eventually end up in the United States as sugar. Narrated by Pa... more
  • RMPBS Free Community Cinema 2008

    RMPBS Free Community Cinema 2008

    From Jehovah’s Witnesses on your doorstep (Knocking) to inmates on Death Row (Race to Execution) and beyond: get a sneak preview of an upcoming episode in PBS’s Emmy-winning series Independent Lens and gain a whole new perspective on the world—not only through the viewfinders of some of today’s most... more
  • Roman De Gare

    Roman De Gare

    France , 2007 , 103 min.
    Director: Claude Lelouch ENDS Thursday, July 3 In the still of the night, three lives are about to cross…a woman abandoned, a stranger awaiting his chance and a best-selling author who imagines the thriller of the year. Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, this highly anticipated new feature from writer/... more
  • The Savages

    The Savages

    USA , 2007 , 113 min.
    Director: Tamara Jenkins ENDS Thursday, April 24! Suffused with humor as well as melancholy, Tamara Jenkins' long-awaited and smartly crafted follow-up to The Slums of Beverly Hills stars two of contemporary cinema's brightest lights - Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman - as middle-aged, middle-class, m... more
  • Seeing Double 2008

    Seeing Double 2008

    Seeing Double is good for your eyes—as well as your wallet. On one Saturday each month we pick a first-run exclusive to run with a companion piece that airs at 7 pm; buy a ticket to the former and see the latter for free. Not to fret if you can’t sit still for a double feature (or if you fear a back... more
  • Shotgun Stories

    Shotgun Stories

    USA , 2007 , 92 min.
    Director: Jeff Nichols ENDS Thursday, May 22 Son Hayes never speaks of the scars on his back. The men he works with take bets on how he got them. His brothers, Boy and Kid Hayes, don't discuss it. His past, just like these scars, is never far behind him. This stands true for the memory of his father, a man that ne... more
  • Shrooms


    Ireland , 2006 , 84 min.
    Director: Paddy Breathnach ENDS Thursday, Feb 14! Five American college students arrive in Ireland to go on camping trip with their old college buddy who has promised them the ‘trip’ of a lifetime. He claims to have discovered the best magic mushrooms in the world and everyone’s more than happy to partake in a lost we... more
  • The Singing Revolution

    The Singing Revolution

    Estonia , 2006 , 94 min.
    Director: James Tusty , Maureen Castle Tusty ENDS Thursday, May 29 Most people don’t think about singing when they think about revolutions. But song was the weapon of choice when, between 1987 and 1991, Estonians sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation. During those years, hundreds of thousands gathered in public to... more
  • Spike Lee Career Retrospective

    Spike Lee Career Retrospective

    Beginning April 27, the Denver Film Society will present a career retrospective on acclaimed director Spike Lee. Four evenings showcasing four of Mr. Lee's most popular and controversial pieces.

    The event culminates in a live in-person conversation with Spike Lee at the Events Center on the Aura... more

  • Standard Operating Procedure

    Standard Operating Procedure

    USA , 2008 , 118 min.
    Director: Errol Morris ENDS Thursday, June 12 Is it possible for a photograph to change the world? Photographs taken by soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison changed the war in Iraq and changed America's image of itself. Yet, a central mystery remains: Did the notorious Abu Ghraib photographs constitute evidence of system... more
  • Steep


    USA , 2007 , 92 min.
    Director: Mark Obenhaus STEEP is a feature documentary about bold adventure, exquisite athleticism and the pursuit of a perfect moment on skis. It is the story of big mountain skiing, a sport that barely existed 35 years ago. It started in the 1970s in the mountains above Chamonix, France, where skiers began to attempt ... more
  • Stuck


    Canada , 2007 , 85 min.
    Director: Stuart Gordon ENDS Thursday, June 26 Director/co-writer Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Edmond) delivers a provocative, over-the-top black comedy with this tabloid-tinged thriller inspired by true events. Brandi (Mena Suvari) is a compassionate young retirement home caregiver in line for a promotion. Tom (Ste... more
  • Summer Palace

    Summer Palace

    China , 2006 , 140 min.
    Director: Lou Ye Ends Thursday, Feb 7th! Lou Ye’s controversial Summer Palace is the story of young lovers whose relationship plays out against the movement for political reform, its violent suppression and the years of disillusionment that follow. After his film world premiered in the Cannes Film Fes... more
  • Tattered Cover Free Classic 2008

    Tattered Cover Free Classic 2008

    From silent-era giants to screwball geniuses, from noir masterminds to post-war auteurs, this free film-and-discussion series—hosted by Colorado Public Radio film critic (and DFS Director of Education) Howie Movshovitz—invites you to rediscover such silver-screen classics as His Girl Friday, The Thi... more
  • Taxi to the Dark Side

    Taxi to the Dark Side

    USA , 2007 , 108 min.
    Director: Alex Gibney Must END Thursday, March 6! From director Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) comes a gripping investigation into the homicide of an innocent taxi driver at the Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, exposing a Bush Administration policy of detention and interrogation th... more
  • Teeth


    USA , 2007 , 88 min.
    Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein 35mm presentation - Forget milk and cookies: teen sex and violence is pop culture's most classic combination. Urban legends, cable melodramas and slasher pics all tack quickie morals onto their gleefully grotesque expositions of what happens to nubile minors when they get too randy. But in Mi... more
  • The Watching Hour: Southland Tales

    The Watching Hour: Southland Tales

    USA , 2007 , 144 min.
    Director: Richard Kelly 35mm presentation - Writer/ Director Richard Kelly’s long awaited follow-up to 2001 cult hit Donnie Darko starts with a literal bang: on July 4, 2005 a nuclear explosion in Texas ignites World War III. Jump to the future of 2008: while it occupies the entire Middle East and North Korea... more
  • Tuya's Marriage

    Tuya's Marriage

    China , 2006 , 92 min.
    Director: Wang Quan'an ENDS Thursday, June 26 Tuya, hardworking and hardheaded, is a Mongolian desert herder who refuses to be settled in a town in accordance with the new industrialization policy. She is kept busy with two kids, a disabled husband and 100 sheep to care for, but one day she hurts her back. The onl... more
  • Under the Same Moon

    Under the Same Moon

    Mexico , 2007 , 109 min.
    Director: Patricia Riggen MUST END June 5! Hoping to providing a better life for her son, Rosario (Kate del Castillo) works illegally in the U.S. while her mother cares for nine-year-old Carlitos (Adrian Alonso) back in Mexico. Unexpected circumstances drive both Rosario and Carlitos to embark on their own journeys i... more
  • The Unforeseen

    The Unforeseen

    USA , 2007 , 94 min.
    Director: Laura Dunn April 11 - April 17 The American dream of owning a house with a white picket fence goes head to head with environmental sustainability in this urgent, beautifully crafted documentary. In the 1980s, an ambitious real estate developer came to Austin, Texas with a dream of transforming miles of... more
  • The Violin

    The Violin

    Mexico , 2005 , 98 min.
    Director: Francisco Vargas ENDS Thursday, April 24! Don Plutarco, his son Genaro and his grandson Lucio live a double life: on one hand they are musicians and humble farmers, on the other they support the campesina peasant guerilla movement's armed efforts against the oppressive government. When the military seizes th... more
  • Written By Larry Gross

    Written By Larry Gross

    Screenwriter Larry Gross has written on projects that range from blockbuster like “48 Hours” to, sublime, delicate and less commercial films like “Chinese Box.” And in between come such films as the under-seen “Geronimo: An American Legend” (1993), “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” (2004) and “Prozac nat... more
  • Youth Without Youth

    Youth Without Youth

    USA , 2007 , 125 min.
    Director: Francis Ford Coppola New Date! Opens January 25 Master filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola's first feature in a decade is a poignant love story, political thriller and lively philosophical quest, filled with stunning images. Tim Roth plays an aging professor of linguistics who finds his youth miraculously restored af... more
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