The Watching Hour: Troll 2

The Watching Hour: Troll 2

USA, 1990, 95 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Italy
Genre/Subjects: Cult, Horror
Language: English

Archival 35mm presentation - The shelves of hell’s own video store are surely lined with copy after VHS copy of Troll 2, a 1991 horror movie that raises one profoundly compelling question: “What the #*@% is going on here!?” For a new generation of moviegoers determined to find answers, this one-time flop has attained cult status (as chronicled in the documentary Best Worst Movie, also screening at SDFF 32).
Not only completely unrelated to the earlier released creature feature Troll but also devoid of the titular fellas altogether, Troll 2 begins as the Waits family heads to the quaint little town of Nilbog for a vacation. Unbeknownst to them (despite warnings via ghostly visitation from jolly old Grandpa Seth), Nilbog is populated with crazed vegetarian goblins disguised as humans, whose diabolical plan is to eat the newcomers after making them eat in turn magic food that will transform them into plants. It’s a plot so crazy it just might just work – but it doesn’t.
So why would you want to sit through such a mess yourself? Easy: Troll 2 is a shining example of the power of even the worst cinema to make a real human impact. It was clearly produced with the hope that it would reach out and touch all who watched it – though the Italian filmmakers likely never imagined it would take nearly twenty years of universal mockery to do just that.

DIRECTOR: Claudio Fragasso
Editor: Vanio Amici
Screenwriter: Rossella Drudi, Claudio Fragasso
Cinematographer: Giancarlo Ferrando
Principal Cast: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie McFarland, Robert Ormsby
US Distributor: MGM

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