Mile High Sci-Fi: Howling III

Mile High Sci-Fi: Howling III

120 Minute Running Time

Friday October 29 at 8pm and Saturday, October 30 at 7pm & 930pm

MHSF's cool kick-ass sponsors:
Dale's Pale Ale, The Onion, Comedy Works and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Let's drink some beers!

Head to the thrift store and find the perfect Kevin-Bacon-in-Footloose clothes because it is time for Mile High Sci-Fi's annual Halloween SHOW! FRIDAY 10/29 @ 8, SATURDAY 10/30 @ 7 & 9:30 (our website, as usual, has the wrong times. Ignore it, as usual)

This year's target is Howling III: Marsupials. Guaranteed you have not seen it and once you do you'll understand why. The third (duh) installment of the highly-overrated Howling series, Howling III adds an oddly-disturbing twist. Set in Australia, the human-wolves that wreaked silly havoc in the first two have now apparently cross-bred with kangaroos. Yep. Wolves and people with pouches!! Think about it. This means that at some point in the genetic chain, one of the wolf men mated with a kangaroo. I mean, we've all been drunk and lonely before, but sheesh... What is Australian for "yuk"?

If you are worried that it is a scary movie, fear not. It is far and away the least frightening fright film ever made. No joke. Footloose is scarier than this trainwreck.

Our buddy Jake Norris, Distiller-in-Chief at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey is joining us in the back. Is he funny? We think so but really, who cares, he makes whiskey!!!

You MUST be dressed as a movie character to enter and we're doing it all three shows. This years prizes are unbelievable. They include a year long pass to Mile High Sci-Fi, VIP tours of the Oskar Blues Brewery and Stranahan's distillery, beer, whiskey, t-shirts, Onion merch, Comedy Works tickets and a gently used copy of Howling III.

Be there!

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