Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

USA, 2013, 84 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subject: Drama
Program: New Directors Showcase
Language: English

Why do we put ourselves through the repeated torture of family holiday dinners when we are not too fond of the company participating? Why do black sheep get asked back even though they constantly ruffle feathers, on purpose? Sometimes it’s best to go Cold Turkey from the kooky kin.

Peter Bogdanovich stars as Poppy, the low-key retired scholar and patriarch hosting the fated Thanksgiving gathering, who seems to partake in more and more white wine on ice as more and more of his adult kids plea for exorbitant sums of cash. Daughter Lindsay tries to escape via yoga, but no amount of Zen can tune out her family. Jacob, Poppy’s son by his new wife/ex-student, valiantly but futilely defends his Madre from his half-sisters’ gibes, but foolishly thinks buying vacation real estate in Nicaragua is a good idea. And family misfit Nina (Alicia Witt) has a memory like a sieve and has made pushing others’ buttons into a fine art. Add neighbors with secrets from the past, plus some hapless significant others, and chaos seems inevitable. But where most directors might end with the holiday gone awry, Will Slocombe continues with the aftermath of the following day and Christmas week, providing a very real and witty glimpse into changing family dynamics.

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DIRECTOR: Will Slocombe
Producer: Graham Ballou, David Mandel
Editor: Lauren Connelly
Screenwriter: Will Slocombe
Cinematographer: Lucas Lee Graham
Principal Cast: Peter Bogdanovich, Cheryl Hines, Alicia Witt, Sonya Walger, Ashton Holmes, Wilson Bethel, Ross Partridge, Amy Ferguson

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