The Kill Team

The Kill Team

USA, 2013, 79 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, War
Language: English

From Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss comes The Kill Team, an award-winning documentary about the horrific crimes perpetrated by a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan that leaves viewers with more questions than answers. In 2010, a group of bored, angry soldiers on the brink began intentionally killing civilians, then staging the crimes to make them look as if they were “good shoots.” Known as “The Kill Team,” the platoon committed these heinous acts, even going so far as to collect trophies from their victims. When Spc. Adam Winfield alerted superiors to these killings, his reports were ignored. Soon, Winfield found himself implicated in a premeditated-murder case, awaiting trial in the U.S. Krauss shows us the events of the crimes using firsthand accounts from four of the soldiers implicated, as well as the perspective of the accused Winfield. The accounts shed light on the circumstances that led to the killings.

The documentary leads to a greater dialogue about crimes allegedly perpetrated by the American military worldwide. Though Winfield dreamed of being a patriot serving his country, even as a whistleblower, he himself is not innocent of the crimes of which he stands accused. With his enemies all around him, waiting to ensnare him in the dishonorable acts they themselves are guilty of, and then punish him, we are left pondering the quagmire of war. Winfield must defend himself against his own government while making sense of his participation in the crime. Did he consent by remaining silent, or does his attempt to stop his colleagues’ behavior pardon him?

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DIRECTOR: Dan Krauss
Producer: Linda Davis, Dan Krauss
Editor: Lawrence Lerew
Cinematographer: Dan Krauss

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