Netherlands, 2013, 50 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subject: Drama
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Focus on National Cinema: Netherlands
Language: Dutch English Sub-Titles

Warriors—or Van God Los, to use the native title, which translates as “Godforsaken”—is a Dutch television series inspired by true crimes. This episode, directed by longtime festival regular and SDFF 35 tribute guest Mijke de Jong, offers an unflinching glimpse into the lives of an unstable couple with everything to lose.

Jopie’s addiction to alcohol and drugs has reached a breaking point; even his biker friends have grown sick of his antics. Jade, his much-suffering wife, responds to the abuse he heaps upon her now with fury, now with tenderness amid desperate attempts to understand what has happened to the man she once knew so well. Her parents are alarmed, but the more they try to help, the more they’re kept at bay, except as caretakers for their young granddaughter, Priscilla.

Tight framing reveals the trap the doomed lovers have set for themselves—its escape hatch so obviously close, yet so impossibly far.

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DIRECTOR: Mijke de Jong
Producer: Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten
Editor: Bas Icke
Screenwriter: Oscar van Woensel
Cinematographer: Menno Westendrop

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