The Demon's Rook

The Demon's Rook

USA, 2013, 103 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: American Indie, Cult, Horror, Thriller
Program: Million Dollar Movies
Language: English

There is just as much food for thought as there is food for the zombies in James Sizemore’s labor of love, The Demon’s Rook. Such as: Why do all the characters at the beginning have a knack for drawing? Especially the one that eats a lot of blueberry pie while going into creative convulsions? Why do people always serendipitously leave keys in car ignitions in horror films? How do goths, pagans, rednecks, and farmers all live harmoniously in this rural town in Georgia?

One must not mull over these questions too long, as there are plenty of nostalgic practical gore effects a la John Carl Buechler to behold.

Young Roscoe makes friends with the ultimate oxymoron, a “good demon.” The demon kills Roscoe’s parents, then takes him to the netherworld, where he raises him on a healthy diet of Necronomiconically delicious slime that helps train him in keeping the balance of the cosmos. Roscoe has a memory one day of what happened to his parents and unwittingly unleashes the mean demons, which follow him back to Earth. He runs into his childhood friend, who does not recognize him because now he looks like a mash-up of Jesus and Charles Manson, not the ethnic kid artist she would have remembered. She does not ask right away where he has been for the past 20 years because along with the demons, there are a whole hell of a lot of zombies around, too.

Fictional band Bovine Fantasy Invasion offers the background score to all this pandemonium, and what would a B-flick be without topless girls? A splatterific concoction of all B-movie conventions, The Demon’s Rook offers no rhyme or reason. Just plan on going along for the ride.

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DIRECTOR: James Sizemore
Producer: James Sizemore, Tim Reis
Editor: Tim Reis
Screenwriter: James Sizemore, Akom Tidwell
Cinematographer: Tim Reis
Principal Cast: James Sizemore, Ashleigh Jo Sizemore, Josh Gould, John Chatham, Melanie Richardson

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