Shorts 4: Talking 'bout Love

Shorts 4: Talking 'bout Love

89 Minute Running Time

Ah, love … the most complicated four-letter word in our language.

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Films and Events in Program...

  • Alaska Is a Drag

    Alaska Is a Drag

    USA , 2013 , 14 min.
    Director: Shaz Bennett Leo doesn’t fit in at his job at the fish cannery but lives for the day when he can escape and be himself—in all the ways that are important to him... more
  • alive, feeling like a buck seventy-five

    alive, feeling like a buck seventy-five

    USA , 2013 , 7 min.
    Director: Michael Neithardt “I was somebody … then she broke my heart.” With this opening narration, we are taken on the funny, heartfelt, painful ride that is writer/director/star Michael Neithardt’s romance with the one and only Amanda... more
  • Amstel


    Netherlands , 2013 , 10 min.
    Director: Jaap van Eyck After a night of drinking and carousing, Maarte unexpectedly finds the woman of his dreams, but he is still very drunk and the details of how to find this woman again are fuzzy, at best... more
  • The Cold Side of the Pillow

    The Cold Side of the Pillow

    Spain , 2013 , 12 min.
    Director: Herminio Cardiel A charming film posing the inevitable question of just how vulnerable one is willing to be when a couple spends their first night together... more
  • I Love You

    I Love You

    USA , 2013 , 7 min.
    Director: Renji Philip Without a word of dialogue, this is a moving account of a young woman who creates just the right way to relive 102 important moments in her life... more
  • Little Lies

    Little Lies

    Australia , 2012 , 15 min.
    Director: Keith Adam Johnson Phillip is grieving the death of his long-term partner and looks for distraction by hiring a young man for an evening of companionship. This diversion is not what either of them expects... more
  • Love doesn't care

    Love doesn't care

    Sweden , 2013 , 15 min.
    Director: Farzad Farzaneh Rakel and Dag are in love and are seemingly the perfect couple until an old friend of Dag’s shows up and things take a subtle yet dramatic turn... more
  • We've All Been There

    We've All Been There

    Australia , 2013 , 7 min.
    Director: Nicholas Clifford A stranded driver’s life intersects with that of a struggling, stressed-out young waitress... more
  • What Do We Have in Our Pockets?

    What Do We Have in Our Pockets?

    USA , 2012 , 4 min.
    Director: Goran Dukic Using both animation and live action, this might be the most romantic film of the year, especially if you like your romance on the quirky side... more
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10:30 AM
11:15 AM
Two Days, One Night
11:15 AM
4:45 PM
11:15 AM
Mile High Magic
11:30 AM
25 Years Post Cassavetes
11:30 AM
This Time Next Year
11:45 AM
Worst Case Scenario
11:45 AM
Trying to Kill Giants
1:45 PM
Clouds of Sils Maria
1:45 PM
Shorts 5: Love and Mercy
2:00 PM
If God Comes Let Him Bring a Gun
2:00 PM
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
2:00 PM
Beltracchi - The Art of Forgery
2:00 PM
The Last Cyclist
2:15 PM
4:15 PM
First Look 6: Fitting In
4:15 PM
The Patent Wars
4:30 PM
Seymour: An Introduction
4:45 PM
4:45 PM
Light Fly, Fly High
6:30 PM
Warsaw '44
6:45 PM
To Kill a Man
6:45 PM
In Order of Disappearance
7:00 PM
Elephant Song
7:00 PM
21 Years: Richard Linklater
7:15 PM
White Shadow
7:15 PM

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