Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

Poland, 2013

Coming August 12-19

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In December 2011, filmmaker Martin Scorsese traveled to Poland to accept an honorary doctoral degree from The Polish National Film, Television, and Theatre School in Lódz. There, Mr. Scorsese met with Jedrzej Sablinski and reviewed a list of new digital restorations of Polish films. In the months following this visit, with the help of The Film Foundation, the two men came up with the idea of a North American tour of a series of restored Polish cinema classics. From an extensive catalogue of digitally restored films, Mr. Scorsese chose 21 masterpieces. Milestone will be touring the 21-film retrospective Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema throughout North America.

Premiering in New York City at the Film Society of Lincoln Center on February 5th, 2014, the series features films from some of Poland’s most accomplished and lauded filmmakers, spanning the period from 1957–1987. Curated by Mr. Scorsese, each film has been digitally re-mastered and brilliantly restored on newly subtitled DCPs. The program was created and organized by Mr. Scorsese’s non-profit organization, The Film Foundation.

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Films and Events in Program...

  • Polish: Camouflage

    Polish: Camouflage

    Poland , 1976 , 101 min.
    Director: Krzysztof Zanussi New Digital Restoration! Filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi will present the film in-person on Tues Aug 12! Reception in Henderson's Lounge after the Aug 12th screening. The shallowness and cynicism of the academic milieu and the hypocrisy of idealism are depicted in the relationship between ... more
  • Polish: The Illumination

    Polish: The Illumination

    Poland , 1972 , 93 min.
    Director: Krzysztof Zanussi New Digital Restoration! Filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi will present the film in-person! One of the most interesting works of 1970's Polish cinema. A young provincial man comes to the capital to study physics and must tackle life’s universal questions in this philosophical essay comprising... more
  • Polish: Ashes and Diamonds

    Polish: Ashes and Diamonds

    Poland , 1958 , 104 min.
    Director: Andrzej Wajda New Digital Restoration! A classic of world cinema from one of Poland’s most well known directors, Ashes and Diamonds is set on the last day of World War II and the first day of peace. A young Polish resistance soldier reaches a crossroads when Nazi rule is replaced by a communist r... more
  • Polish: Austeria

    Polish: Austeria

    Poland , 1982 , 108 min.
    Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz New Digital Restoration! On the first night of WWI, a variety of refugees seek sanctuary from the advancing Russian army in a country inn owned by a Jewish family in this intimate drama set against the turbulence of history. Boldly literate, Austeria uses a historical setting to for... more
  • Polish: The Hour-Glass Sanatorium

    Polish: The Hour-Glass Sanatorium

    Poland , 1973 , 125 min.
    Director: Wojciech Has New Digital Restoration! Magic, dreams, a manor in decay. The Hour-Glass Sanatorium is one of the most original and beautiful films in Polish cinema – a visionary, artistic, poetic reflection on the nature of time and the irreversibility of death. The screenplay is an adaptation of ... more
  • Polish: Pharaoh

    Polish: Pharaoh

    Poland , 1965 , 153 min.
    Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz New Digital Restoration! Something unexpected from Poland in the 1960s: a historical epic set in Ancient Egypt, complete with massive battle scenes and stunningly choreographed musical pieces, about the young ruler Ramses XIII. Riddled with psychological, moral, and philosophical questions... more
  • Polish: A Short Film About Killing

    Polish: A Short Film About Killing

    Poland , 1987 , 86 min.
    Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski New Digital Restoration! The paths of three men – a cabbie, a lawyer, and a killer – cross on a somber March day in this psychological and ethical study of murder that launched Kieslowski’s international career.... more
  • Polish: The Promised Land

    Polish: The Promised Land

    Poland , 1974 , 179 min.
    Director: Andrzej Wajda New Digital Restoration! Andrzej Wajda's epic, Academy Award-nominated adaptation of the celebrated 1898 novel by Nobel laureate Wladyslaw Reymont paints a vivid portrait of the bustling, booming and brutal industrial city of Lódz at the dawn of the capitalist era. Andrzej Wajda continu... more
  • Polish: The Last Day of Summer

    Polish: The Last Day of Summer

    Poland , 1958 , 62 min.
    Director: Tadeusz Konwicki New Digital Restoration! A man and a woman meet on an empty beach in this subtle and poetic film. The woman is enjoying the ebbing warmth of the summer. The man seems to be looking for something. Is it her? The story of a lifelong relationship told in shorthand, The Last Day of Summermore
  • Polish: Black Cross

    Polish: Black Cross

    Poland , 1960 , 173 min.
    Director: Aleksander Ford New Digital Restoration! The first Polish historical blockbuster and the most viewed Polish movie of all times, Black Cross features battles galore, political maneuvering, and tragic love set in medieval times. This amazing epic depicts the heroic Polish campaign against the invadin... more
  • Polish: The Constant Factor

    Polish: The Constant Factor

    Poland , 1980 , 91 min.
    Director: Krzysztof Zanussi New Digital Restoration! A young man who dreams of climbing the Himalayas finds himself compromising his ideals when he takes a job at an international trade company in Zanussi’s award-winning Cannes hit. Kulisy Kultury news piece on the Polish premiere of the restoration: (in Polish): ... more
  • Polish: Eroica

    Polish: Eroica

    Poland , 1957 , 85 min.
    Director: Andrzej Munk New Digital Restoration! In this Polish new wave classic, director Munk contrasts two stories of life during Nazi occupation – one is the absurd tale of a street-wise bon-vivant, the other a somber picture of righteous Polish officers incarcerated in a German POW camp. Below is a clip: ... more
  • Polish: The Saragossa Manuscript

    Polish: The Saragossa Manuscript

    Poland , 1964 , 184 min.
    Director: Wojciech Has New Digital Restoration! A favorite of both Jerry Garcia and Luis Buñuel, The Saragossa Manuscript is a brilliant, mind-bending puzzle box of a film – an 18th century road movie about a soldier lost in a haunted countryside and beset by mysterious and mystical encounters.


  • Polish: The Wedding

    Polish: The Wedding

    Poland , 1972 , 103 min.
    Director: Andrzej Wajda New Digital Restoration! A turn-of-the-century wedding celebration is haunted by the unquiet ghosts of Poland's failed nationalist past, in Andrzej Wajda's adaptation of the classic play by Stanislaw Wyspianski. After experimenting with a wide range of subjects and styles in his films o... more
  • Polish: Mother Joan of Angels

    Polish: Mother Joan of Angels

    Poland , 1960 , 111 min.
    Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz New Digital Restoration! A young, virtuous exorcist is sent to a mysterious monastery inhabited by beautiful nuns supposedly possessed by demons in this thrilling and philosophical portrait of human vice. Highlighted by stunning black and white photography and unsettling, otherworldy loca... more
  • Polish: Man of Iron

    Polish: Man of Iron

    Poland , 1981 , 154 min.
    Director: Andrzej Wajda New Digital Restoration! Wajda’s Palme d’Or-winning, Oscar®-nominated masterpiece follows the workers’ strike in Gdansk in August 1980 that led to the formation of the Solidarity trade union.... more
  • Polish: Innocent Sorcerers

    Polish: Innocent Sorcerers

    Poland , 1960 , 88 min.
    Director: Andrzej Wajda New Digital Restoration In 1950's Poland, two young people meet in a bar and go from small talk to bed, but as dawn approaches what seemed to be a meaningless episode in their lives gets more complicated.... more
  • Polish: Blind Chance

    Polish: Blind Chance

    Poland , 1981 , 123 min. New Digital Restoration! Kieslowski explores the autonomy of human choices by presenting three alternative versions of the life of 20-year old Witek, whose whole future depends on whether he can catch a train. Blind Chance was heavily censored by the communist regime, due to its ant... more
  • Polish: Night Train

    Polish: Night Train

    Poland , 1959 , 99 min.
    Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz New Digital Restoration! A subtle game of emotions between two travelers – changing from mutual aversion to closeness without hope of a future – plays out amidst the human microcosm of a night train.... more
  • Polish: To Kill This Love

    Polish: To Kill This Love

    Poland , 1972 , 97 min.
    Director: Janusz Morgenstern New Digital Restoration! In 1969, as Neil Armstrong lands on the moon, two young Poles kept out of university by communist quotas discover love and life in a big city, dreaming of an independence they cannot enjoy. Director Janusz Morgenstern discusses TO KILL THIS LOVE: (in Polish) more
  • Polish: Jump

    Polish: Jump

    Poland , 1965 , 105 min.
    Director: Tadeusz Konwicki New Digital Restoration! A man on the run jumps off a train. He seeks refuge in a scarcely populated hamlet, nearly a ghost town. It is hard to tell what the place is, set halfway between dream and reality, inhabited by people in distress. Who is the mysterious Mr. Nobody? To some he seems... more
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