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ABERRANTAberrant is the story of Samuel, a distraught father, who, after the suicide of his daughter, finds himself visited by a demon that whispers dark thoughts into his ear and ultimately encourages him to take his life. This was written and will be directed by Ryan Franzman of Warlok Productions. In creating Aberrant Ryan drew on two primary influences The first of those influences is his own struggle with bipolar depression, and the ways that sort of persistent dark influence can shove one deeper into the throes of despair. The second influence is cosmic horror and stories that inspire existential dread such as the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.


The villain Octave is the voice those with severe depression hear whispering in the back of their minds. This alien thing telling you you are a disease on the world; unfit to continue, to exist. Aberrant is a cautionary tale. It is a horror story about the darkness in our hearts that can be brought to the forefront by loss and grief. The grief and loss felt by the protagonist mirrors what is lived out by millions of people who struggle with severe depression and suicidal ideation.This shall be a film with heavy contrast. Harsh bar lights contrasted against the blackness of a darkened bar. A flickering candle casting long shadows on the walls of a squalid apartment. The color palette will be one of reds, blacks, and earth tones. Warlok Productions will seek out a local metal band to provide haunting and wailing music. Ryan has written the script, prepared the pre-production materials, and is eager to direct.
His experience with running his own small production company in California has left him comfortable wearing many hats in the interest of shrinking the budget. Warlok Productions will be providing editing services as well. A substantial chunk of the equipment, including the camera and sound equipment, will be provided by Warlok Productions. For all the positions beyond those I’ve previously mentioned Warlok Productions will hire local talent for the cast and crew.

Aberrant is a horror story lived out in the struggles of those with mental afflictions. The things your illness tells you are not normal or rational, but when you are mentally fragile they can sound like gospel. My hope for this film is that it brings the audience to examine the people in their own life who may be struggling, and who may just need a hand to avoid straying down dark paths.



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