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Lucky Grandma

Sasie Sealy • Comedy • USA (87 min.)

Set in New York City’s Chinatown, an ornery, chain-smoking Chinese grandma goes all in at the casino, landing herself on the wrong side of luck – and in the middle of a gang war.

Colorado Dragon Film Festival


Stage: The Culinary Internship

Abby Ainsworth • Documentary • Canada (78 min.)

A group of interns during a nine month apprenticeship at one of the best restaurants in the world, Mugaritz. While the restaurant’s notorious avant-garde cuisine and creative working environment elevates these young hopefuls to think outside the confines of a kitchen; ultimately, not everyone can handle the heat.

Culinary Cinema

Premieres 5/29


Gabriela Cowperthwaite • Documentary • USA *(83 min.)

A documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, and its dangers for both humans and whales.

Premieres 5/29

Joan of Arc

Bruno Dumont • Drama • France (138 min.)

In the 15th century, both France and England stake a blood claim for the French throne. Believing that God had chosen her, the young Joan (Lise Leplat Prudhomme) leads the army of the King of France.

Women+FilmJ'adore Ciné Club

Premieres 5/29


Mounia Meddour • Drama • France/Algeria (105 min.)

Algiers, 1997. Terrorist wanting an Islamic and archaic state are everywhere. Women are oppressed, in a seek to take control of their bodies, clothing and public space. Young student Nedjma is passionate about making a fashion show.

Women+FilmJ'adore Ciné Club

Premieres 5/29


The Ghost of Peter Sellers

Peter Medak • Documentary • Cyprus (93 min.)

A comedy genius, a hot new director and a 17th Century pirate film. What could possibly go wrong?


Spaceship Earth

Matt Wolf • USA (113 min.)

A look at the group of people who built the Biosphere 2, a giant replica of the earth’s ecosystem, in 1991.

The Painter and the Thier

Benjamin Ree • Documentary/Art • Norway (102 min.)

An artist befriends the thief who stole her paintings. She becomes his closest ally when he is severely hurt in a car crash and needs full time care, even if her paintings are not found. But then the tables turn.

Life Itself

Steve James • Documentary • USA (121 min.)

The life and career of the renowned film critic and social commentator, Roger Ebert.

Beyond The Visible: Hilma AF Klint

Halina Dyrschka • Germany/Sweden (94 min.)

The first abstract artist was a woman, misjudged and concealed, See how Hilma Klint rocked the art world with her mind-blowing oeuvre.

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy

Elizabeth Carroll • Documentary • USA/Mexico (82 min.)

Cookbook author and environmental activist Diana Kennedy reflects on an unconventional life spent mastering Mexican cuisine.

Official Selection of the 2019 Denver Film Festival Women+Film Culinary Cinema



Dan Sallitt • Drama/Mental Health • USA (94 min.)

Over the course of a decade, a young woman becomes increasingly dysfunctional due to undiagnosed mental illness, or perhaps to drugs, while her more stable friend sometimes tries to help, sometimes backs away to preserve herself.

Military Wives

Peter Cattaneo • Comedy/Drama • UK (112)

With their partners away serving in Afghanistan, a group of women on the home front form a choir and quickly find themselves at the center of a media sensation and global movement.


Lara Gallagher • USA (90 min.)

Reeling from a one-sided breakup, heartbroken Karen breaks into her ex’s lake house. There, she strikes up a complicated relationship with a provocative younger woman named Lana.


The Wolf House

Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León • Animation • Chile (73 min)

A surreal, animated tale of Maria, a young woman who takes refuge in a house in southern Chile after escaping from a German colony.

Official Selection of the 2019 Denver Film Festival