Captivity follows Alex and Holley, a married couple who met when Alex, a pet store owner, sold Holley her beloved cockatoo. Owing to a chilling childhood trauma, career-oriented Holley feels inadequate to the role of caregiver. She and Alex have no children, but when her cockatoo begins to show signs of illness, she feels like a failed mother. Her unresolved feelings of guilt begin to strain the marriage. Meanwhile, Alex turns to his too-devoted employee, Shauna, for comfort—leading her to believe she may have a chance at winning his heart. As tensions grow, it takes an unexpected tragedy to shake all three loose from their self-imprisonment.

Director’s Statement

I believe cinema should create aesthetic experiences that alter how we see reality. In Captivity, I examine how our physical and emotional environments become obstacles in our relationships. How do mindless lifestyles trap us in harmful routines? How do past traumas continue to haunt us, leading us to form unhealthy attachments? And, most importantly, how do our subconscious visions of love and life motivate—for better and worse—our everyday decisions? “Captivity” explores these complex questions in the story of three city-dwellers whose efforts toward love, though driven by a primordial yearning for connection, are continually disfigured by blockages they do not fully understand. I chose to focus on the role pet ownership plays in our emotional lives, because caged animals provide such a powerful image, echoing the metaphorical cages in which we trap ourselves. Through innovative poetic sequences, Captivity introduces audiences into the inner lives of its characters, leaving a haunting impression of the everyday struggle to love and be loved.

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